CELLULON® Cellulose Liquid

  • Overview
  • Properties

CELLULON® Cellulose Liquid, is an eco-friendly alternative derived from a microbial fermentation process. This pre-activated cellulose solution offers functionality in high surfactant systems where other hydrocolloids degrade over time. This unique product will take your liquid laundry detergent to the next level.

The ingredient’s liquid technology allows reliable suspension of actives, decorative particles, or perfumed encapsulates with minimal impact to finished product viscosity and dispersability. CELLULON® Cellulose Liquid is:

  • Sustainably manufactured
  • Functional at low use levels
  • Ready to use – fully activated
  • Provides optimal suspension in the presence of high concentrations of surfactants and polymers
  • Effective in both high and low water formulations
  • Tolerant to a range of conditions
  • Compatibility with even the most concentrated liquid detergents


CAS Registry Number: 9004-34-6
Functions Suspension Dispersability Suitable in high and low water systems Extremely tolerant of formulation conditions Eco-friendly

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