Confectionery & Dessert

Indulgent and familiar confections and dessert are beloved treats that will always be around. There are also opportunities for bold flavors, creative packaging, chewier textures, and products promoting healthful snacking. Yum!

We offer a vast portfolio of nature-based ingredients ideally suited to appeal to shifting consumer preferences for sugar-based snacks that are nature-based, vegan/gelatin-free or that meet dietary restrictions, such as Kosher and Halal.

Whether you’re creating gummy and chewy confections, jelly beans, fruit leathers, caramels, fondants, pastes or desserts with liquid fillings, our food scientists offer extensive experience and market success in developing innovative products that meet ingredient, processing, texture and other critical functional requirements.

Discover the latest confectionery & dessert innovation trends, insights and more!

Find Your Confectionery & Dessert Applications

Functional Gummies

Discover our portfolio of nature-based solutions and technical expertise in this fast-growing application.

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Get the scoop on ingredient solutions to help you develop frozen treats with indulgent texture while you clean up your label.

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Water Desserts & Dessert Gels

Unlock formula opportunities with new ingredients, textures and a cleaner label.

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