For many companies around the world, a commitment to sustainability has become a top priority. Operating responsibly and sustainably is no longer a request, but an expectation. And rightfully so. Sustainability doesn’t just benefit the environment, but organizations too. Especially ones that rely on nature-based resources.

Our mission is to be a sustainable company on a natural and a human level. To do this, we’ve developed a core set of standards to be implemented in all our facilities worldwide. It’s our belief that a healthy company starts within, and moving forward with sustainable processes will only make us stronger.

A Lighter Environmental Footprint

  • We reduce our energy and water usage, as well as CO2 emissions.
  • We will increase our usage of renewable energy.
  • We will create less waste, landfilling less and recycling more.

A Better Place to Work

  • We continue to place value on employee safety and wellness.
  • We work to aid our communities, at home and abroad, through philanthropy and volunteering efforts.
  • We increase diversity across all levels of our workforce.
  • We improve employee learning and career development.