Our drive to improve today for a better tomorrow goes beyond our products. As part of J.M. Huber’s family of solutions, CP Kelco’s approach to sustainability encompasses the health, safety and well-being of our employees, support for philanthropic causes, and responsible stewardship of the environment, all while maintaining our economic performance. The Huber Principle of Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Sustainability is the driver behind our Sustainability Strategy, which considers the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) dimensions of People, Planet & Profit in how we operate.



Be an admired company and
an excellent place to work.

  • Sustain a top decile ranking for safety
  • Attain a goal of Zero High Energy
    Occupational and Process Safety Incidents
  • Achieve employee engagement score at or
    above Global High Performance Companies


Deliver customer value and
corporate financial strength.

  • Deploy >50% of Capital spending to
    projects with Triple Bottom Line benefits
  • Innovate to sustain 12%+ of total revenue
    from new products
  • Deliver Total Shareholder Return that
    exceeds the S&P 400 (Industrials), with
    steady reliable dividends
  • Invest 1% of our operating net income in
    philanthropy and community volunteerism
    through the Huber Helps initiative


Operate in a way that minimizes
our environmental footprint.

  • Reduce energy and water use intensity
    and CO2
    emissions by a minimum of 10%
  • Increase alternative energy to >30% of our
    energy use portfolio
  • Achieve a Zero waste to landfill objective
    at 90% of plant sites
  • Conduct sustainability assessments for all
    new major capital projects and new
  • Assess sustainability performance for
    100% of Top Tier Supply Chain partners

*Based on Willis Towers Watson’s Benchmark