XANVIS® Xanthan Gum

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XANVIS® Xanthan Gum is a highly refined, clarified, dispersible biopolymer used for rheology control in water-based circulating systems.  It provides effective viscosity for solids transport and suspension where formation protection is critical.  Its pseudoplastic characteristics enable optimum rheology control through superior low shear rate viscosity (LSRV) that exhibits minimum values at high shear rates.  XANVIS® Xanthan Gum will perform effectively in all types of water-based circulating fluids from low solids to highly weighted systems. This includes fresh water, seawater and saline systems.

XANVIS® Xanthan Gum provides the rheological properties for improved hydraulics. This includes minimizing friction pressures for additional hydraulic horsepower at the bit to maximize penetration rates. The same rheology promotes laminar flow in the annulus for improved borehole stability and maximum solids transport capacity. XANVIS® Xanthan Gum produces a clarified fluid with a lower polymer residue upon breaking for minimum formation damage.

CAS Registry Number: Xanthan: 11138-66-2; Glyoxal: 107-22-2 (≤ 0.3%)
Functions Viscosity Solids Transport Formation Protection

XANVIS® Xanthan Gum is listed on the following chemical inventories:  TSCA, EINECS, DSL, AICS, ECL, ENCS, PICCS and Inventory of Existing Chemicals in China.  It is REACH exempt.

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