KELCO-CARE® Diutan Gum

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Winner of the Innovation Zone Award 2021 – Silver Prize for Functional Ingredients at the In-Cosmetics® trade show held in Korea.

KELCO-CARE® Diutan Gum helps formulators develop next-level, nature-based skin care, sun care, cosmetics and hair care formulations including conditioners and hair color. It thickens, suspends and stabilizes across a wide pH range at low use levels. Compatible with polyols and alcohol, it delivers a silky, sensory experience with smoothing and conditioning benefits to your applications.

Suitable for vegan formulations, KELCO-CARE® Diutan Gum is a nature-based ingredient obtained by the age-old process of fermentation. Its high efficiency is due to high pseudoplasticity with a low shear rate and yield. In addition, it is easy to disperse and cold-processable. This versatile rheology modifier also provides excellent stabilization across a wide range of temperatures. Properties can be boosted with the addition of salt.

KELCO-CARE® Diutan Gum is exclusively distributed by The Lubrizol Corporation worldwide.

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CAS Registry Number: 125005-87-0; 595585-15-2
Functions Thickening Suspension Stabilization Effective at low use level

Diutan gum is listed by reference in the following cosmetic ingredient inventories:

  • EU Inventory of Cosmetic Ingredients and Fragrances (Dec.96/335/EC establishing INCI List
  • CosIng Ingredients/Fragrances Inventory (v2)) (EC No.: 603-019-8), (CosIng Ref. No.: 96554)
  • China’s International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient list 2010 and Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (IECIC) 2015 (under Chinese INCI name: SPHINGOMONAS FERMENT EXTRACT)

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