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Diutan gum is a polysaccharide used for Cosmetics and Personal Care applications that require very high suspending characteristics and stable viscosity across pH, temperature, ionic conditions and alcohol content. Obtained by microbial fermentation, and possessing a similar structure to xanthan gum, diutan gum develops an exceptional texture, and provides light, silky, non-tacky skin feel with no residue.

Did you know that we are the leading manufacturer of diutan gum globally? With 50 years of experience, we understand how to obtain the most out of this versatile rheology agent.

We’ve earned high industrial regard by launching hundreds of quality diutan gum-based products that deliver excellent stabilization, high pseudoplasticity and impart high viscosity at low-use concentrations.

This product line is exclusively distributed by Lubrizol worldwide.

CAS Registry Number: 125005-87-0; 595585-15-2
Functions Suspension Viscosity Stabilization Efficient at very low use levels

Diutan gum is listed by reference in the following cosmetic ingredient inventories:

  • EU Inventory of Cosmetic Ingredients and Fragrances (Dec.96/335/EC establishing INCI List
  • CosIng Ingredients/Fragrances Inventory (v2)) (EC No.: 603-019-8), (CosIng Ref. No.: 96554)
  • China’s International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient list 2010 and Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (IECIC) 2015 (under Chinese INCI name: SPHINGOMONAS FERMENT EXTRACT)