CP Kelco Announces Intent to Combine with Tate & Lyle Through Sale by J.M. Huber Corporation

Press Release

Learn more about the proposed combination to create a leading and differentiated global speciality food and beverage solutions business.

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New! NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber for Ice Cream

Application Innovation

Get the scoop on ice cream trends and see how to replace the “blends.”

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ZANEA Seaweed Co., Ltd. Achieves B Corp. Certification


As their parent company, we’re quite proud! Find out more about our carrageenan raw material provider’s journey to certification and how they affect life in Africa.

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KELCOSENS™ Citrus Fiber Wins Prestigious 2024 Allē Award!

Press Release

CP Kelco’s KELCOSENS™ Citrus Fiber was named the winner of the new “Natural/Bio-derived” ingredients category at the 2024 Cosmetics & Toiletries Allē Awards.

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New Ideas for Formulating Indulgent Texture and Stability

In the News

In this interview, we sit down with Food Ingredients First to talk about formulating indulgent texture, suspension and stability in plant-based alternatives and more using our nature-based ingredients.

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Formulating On-Trend Functional Gummies with Nature-Powered Ingredients

Exclusive Webinar

Learn about the latest trends from around the globe and your best ingredient options for formulating clean label-friendly, functional gummies.

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About CP Kelco

Unlocking Nature-Powered Success®

We’re a global company of nature-based ingredient enthusiasts, strong collaborators, and problem-solving big thinkers. Our ingredient portfolio has grown over the years, as well as the variety of industries we serve. Quality and consistency are at the core of our business. Some may view that as a tall order, but it’s a standard we have kept for approximately 90 years.

Our Products

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Extracted from certain species of red algae seaweeds, this ingredient has been used in a variety of food applications for a very long time.

Working with us, you can find the right carrageenan product to create textures ranging from free-flowing liquids to solid gels. In addition to offering standard types, we work in conjunction with customers to develop new products and formulations for specific applications like dairy, meat, personal care and homecare products.

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Citrus Fiber

This innovative, upcycled fiber ingredient is made from sustainably sourced citrus peels, an abundant byproduct of the juice industry.

Explore the possibilities and benefits of our newest product portfolio, NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber for food and beverage products, and KELCOSENS™ Citrus Fiber for personal care applications. With the continued growth in consumer demand for clean-label products, sustainable products, citrus fiber addresses the need for a clean label-friendly ingredient across several markets and applications.

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Diutan Gum

This unique ingredient thickens, suspends and stabilizes across a wide pH range at low use levels.

Made by microbial fermentation, our diutan gum helps formulators develop next-level skin care, sun care, cosmetics, hair care and home care formulations. In addition, diutan gum is versatile enough to be used in a wide range of agricultural, construction and industrial applications.

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Fermentation-Derived Cellulose (FDC)

Our biodegradable, environmentally friendly ingredient is ideal for use in fabric care, home care and personal care applications.

Very versatile, FDC retains its functional characteristics over a very wide pH range and, under challenging temperatures, is compatible with salt and enzymes. Its low use levels make it a cost-effective option and enables differentiated offerings. Our microbial fermentation process creates a distinct advantage and supports attributes of being eco-friendly and sustainable!

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Gellan Gum

A multifunctional suspension and stabilization agent that can be used alone or in combination with other products to produce a wide variety of interesting textures.

This mighty ingredient is extremely effective at low use levels in forming gels and is available in two types, high and low acyl content. With the continued growth in consumer demand for clean-label products, gellan gum can help address the need for nature-based ingredients in a variety of food, beverage, personal care and home care applications.

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Microparticulated Whey Protein Concentrate

A versatile ingredient with great sensorial benefits, it provides high quality protein for your dairy innovations.

Control ice crystal growth in ice cream. Increase volume in baked goods. Enhance the quality of low-fat formulations while upping protein content. See how one great product can help you do it all.

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Easily recognizable by consumers, this nature-based ingredient is key for clean-label formulations.

From fruit prep to face creams and functional gummies, you can count on the world’s leading producer of pectin for gelling and stabilizing across a variety of food, beverage and personal care applications.

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Refined Locust Bean Gum

A nature-based ingredient, derived from carob tree seeds, for a wide variety of food applications.

The gel strengthening and water-binding properties of our GENU® Gum make it ideal for a range of food applications, such as ready-to-consume desserts. It provides significant gel strength and syneresis control with kappa carrageenan.

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Xanthan Gum

A highly functional ingredient, our nature-based xanthan gum is the go-to solution across food, personal care, home care and industrial sectors for exceptional thickening and stabilizing with a smooth flow.

Xanthan gum is a soluble fiber created by fermenting sugar using the bacteria Xanthomonas campestris. When added to liquid, it quickly disperses and creates a viscous and stable solution. This unique combination of properties enables performance of xanthan gum beyond the limits of many other commercially available thickeners and stabilizers.

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Indulgence. Texture. “Good for you” snacks. We’re here to help you deliver cost-effective innovation in the bakery sector.

There are many aspects to consider in developing a quality bakery product: appearance, shelf life, smoother and light batter texture, as well as improved volume during batching and baking – just to name a few. Our experts have worked with a variety of ingredients and whether you are looking to replace or reduce egg, butter or other ingredients, we have a solution.

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Raise a glass to solving your beverage formulation challenges with CP Kelco’s innovative ingredient solutions.

Whether it’s suspending botanicals in the latest new-age energy drink, stabilizing plant proteins in short- or long-shelf life drinking yogurts, creating an indulgent creamy liqueur or recovering body in a reduced calorie beverage, the possibilities of stabilizers and texturizers are truly amazing.

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Clinical Nutrition

We work closely with our clinical nutrition customers to develop flavorful and highly functional products that sustain diets and maintain nutrition.

Through our vast, nature-based ingredient choices and extensive industry expertise, we serve both global and specialized manufacturers of products targeted for a range of clinical nutrition applications.

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Condiments, Marinades & Dressings

Looking for innovation to develop condiment products that offer bold flavors, pleasant mouthfeel, shelf stability and/or specific label claims? Look no further!

We continue to revolutionize the stabilization, suspension and mouthfeel properties of dressings, sauces and marinades – from spoonable and pourable, to dry mix. We also offer solutions to help support reduction or removal of stabilizers, starch and eggs to create low-fat, low-sugar and clean label products.

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Confectionery and Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth with CP Kelco’s comprehensive portfolio of nature-based ingredients for confectionery and dessert applications.

Whether you’re creating chewy confections, rich and creamy desserts or fortified gummies, our experienced food scientists can help you create the new taste and texture experiences that consumers crave, including plant-based, vegan and good-for-you options.

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Give consumers dairy products that support their busy, active lifestyles and wellbeing with ones that offer convenience and a clean label.

We have tailored strategies for achieving the creamy, indulgent taste and mouthfeel discerning consumers expect. Our team of experts can help you optimize the functions and sensory appeal of your new dairy formulations.

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Dairy Alternatives

Cater to the dairy-free lifestyle with dairy alternatives that don’t compromise on taste and texture that consumers desire.

We provide innovative ingredient solutions for achieving the creamy, dairy-like taste and mouthfeel discerning consumers expect, as well as overcoming application challenges. Working with the latest plant proteins, our team of experts can help you optimize the functions and sensory appeal of your new plant-based dairy alternative formulations.

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Fruit Applications

Discover the perfect nature-based ingredients to achieve desired texture and taste in fruit applications.

Fruits are wonderful but not always easy to work with, and finding the optimal nature-based ingredients for fruit applications is not an easy task. We offer extensive in-house expertise and highly versatile ingredient solutions to formulate fruit preparations, fillings and other fruit-based products to meet your consumers’ texture and taste expectations.

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Personal Care

Develop innovative, appealing textures for your personal care products with ingredients that are good for consumers and the environment too.

Since consumers want skin care formulations that are good for the planet, for the society and for their skin, we are here to help you innovate to meet the skincare needs of tomorrow. Our nature-based ingredients are readily biodegradable, gentle on the skin and provide unique textures for a more personalized skincare experience.

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Nature-based ingredient solutions for pharmaceutical products that help with optimal dosage, product stability, and performance.

Pumpability, film formation, moisture absorption, stabilization, and controlled release all play key roles in making sure consumers get the most out of their pharmaceutical products. Our comprehensive portfolio can help ensure pharmaceutical active ingredients deliver on functionality and meet safety and regulatory standards.

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Household Products

Bio-based, environmentally friendly ingredients for household products, from laundry detergents and fabric softeners to household cleaners.

Cutting-edge innovation and a focus on sustainable formulations are at the heart of success in this category. Our nature-powered ingredient choices and applications expertise make us the industry’s go-to development partner when addressing specific consumer demographics, needs and lifestyles.

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High-performance ingredients for the construction, building and oilfield industries.

Our portfolio of ingredients is proven to meet industry standards and recognized as reliable in overall performance ideal for industrial uses such as mining, oil field drilling, construction, paints and coatings, industrial cleaners, textiles and more.

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Meat & Seafood

Nature-based ingredient choices to improve color, texture, shelf life and functional characteristics in meat and seafood products.

Whether developing for increased yield, sliceability, juiciness, flavor or texture, we offer an extensive range of nature-based ingredients and texturizing agents designed specifically for meat, poultry and seafood benefits.

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Meat Alternatives

Functionality “meats” texture and taste with our plant-based meat alternative ingredient solutions.

Meet our multifunctional ingredient toolbox for the formulation of plant-based meat alternatives, including clean label-friendly options that can provide hot and cold bite, juiciness, cohesiveness, and processing ease. We can help you meet changing consumer needs and offer better taste and texture for plant-based burger and sausage alternatives with a meat-like eating experience.

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Our drive to improve today for a better tomorrow goes beyond our products

In 2024, as part of J.M. Huber’s family of solutions, CP Kelco will launch their new five strategic ESG priorities to strengthen their Business Strategy. These are the topics that we believe hold the greatest opportunity to generate value, differentiation, and alignment with our stakeholders: Climate and Water Strategy, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Circularity, Products that contribute to Societal Benefit, and central to all of this – Innovation.

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