Allow us to enlighten you on a powerful little fiber called pectin. It occurs naturally in terrestrial plants and is abundant in most vegetables and fruits, predominantly the rinds of citrus fruit, followed by apple pomace and sugar beet pulp. Not the most expected produce to find in one’s shopping cart, but definitely a must for those who are excited about pectin.

Another popular spot for pectin is jam. Before pectin was commercially produced, it was used primarily for gelling homemade jams, but that’s just one of many applications today. These include gelling agents, viscosity builders, protective colloids and stabilizers in a variety of food and beverage products.

Did you know we are the world’s leading pectin producer? With more than 75 years of experience, it’s no wonder. In that time, GENU® Pectin has earned a high regard in the food industry for high quality products. And more recently, GENU Pectin is gaining ground in the personal care and beauty market as a nature-based skin feel aid, stabilizer and pH balancing ingredient.

Among the many things we’re passionate about, quality and consistency sit high on the list. We work to control the structural parameters of our ingredients by selecting the appropriate raw materials and processing conditions. Nearly every batch of pectin we produce is standardized to consistently deliver high quality.

There are two basic types of GENU Pectin, differing in Degree of methyl Esterification (DE):

  • High methylester (HM) pectin, DE higher than 50, forms gels and structured liquids under conditions of low pH and low water activity (for example, at high concentrations of sugar, sorbitol or glycerol).
  • Low methylester (LM) pectin, DE lower than 50, forms gels in the presence of divalent cations, such as calcium and magnesium.


Pectin on Purpose

Pectin is part of who we are. In fact, the “CP” in CP Kelco stands for Copenhagen Pectin. It was this nature-based ingredient that started it all for us almost 75 years ago. We designed every part of our pectin process to focus on circularity so nature can benefit. From fruit tree to fertilizer, peel to product, our Pectin gives you a product with purpose that you can feel good about. Learn more…


A Closer Look: Our Sustainable GENU® Pectin

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From fruit tree to fertilizer, join us for a fun and full-circle look at the making of GENU® Pectin. View our behind-the-scenes video exploring our patented peel process and waste diversion efforts in making pectin in the video above.


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Uses for Pectin

Function Gelling Thickening Stabilizing Acid-stability pH balancing
Source Citrus Peels Sugar Beet Pulp

Our Pectin Products

GENU® Explorer Pectin

A label-friendly ingredient for gelling jams and thickening fruit prep.

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GENU® Pectin

A widely recognized, label-friendly ingredient used to thicken jams, jellies, fruit spreads, yogurt, candies and more.

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GENU® pHresh Pectin

Your go-to, nature-based ingredient for lotions, creams, deodorants, and pharmaceuticals.

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SLENDID® Specialty Pectin

A highly functional ingredient for enhancing creaminess, texture and body in a variety of low-fat and non-fat applications.

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