CP Kelco Pectin

CP Kelco is the world’s leading pectin producer. GENU® Pectins have established their position within the food industry as uniform gelling and texturizing agents of high quality. Recent discoveries in the personal care and beauty market with GENU Pectins are also showing progress to establishing GENU as a nature-based skin feel aid, stabilizer and pH balancing ingredient.

With more than 50 years of experience in pectin production, CP Kelco is well prepared to serve customers as an acknowledged and reliable partner. Working with a broad portfolio of pectin products, CP Kelco can help customers master the art of creating texture or stabilization of products.

Source: Citrus Peels, Sugar Beet Pulp
Function: Gelling, thickening and stabilizing; excellent acid-stability, skin pH balancing
Description: GENU® pectins are polysaccharides derived from nature-based occurring structural components in fruits and vegetables. The major commercial raw material source is citrus peel, although CP Kelco also produces pectin derived from sugar beets.

Pectin occurs in terrestrial plants and is abundant in most vegetables and fruits. Commercial pectin is produced by extraction of edible plant material in hot, acidified water followed by isolation of the pectin from the ensuing solution. The dominant raw material is the rind of citrus fruit. Apple pomace and sugar beet pulp are also used.

Pectin readily forms gels under the conditions that characterize jam, i.e., presence of dissolved sugar and fairly low pH. Prior to the introduction of commercial pectin, home-made jam was gelled by “nature-based” pectin in the fruit. Pectin-rich fruit was a necessary part of the recipes. Jam is the traditional application for pectin, but today this is far from being the only one. GENU pectins are finding increasing use, particularly as gelling agents, but also as viscosity builders, protective colloids and stabilizers in a variety of food and beverage products.

Selecting appropriate raw materials and processing conditions allows control of the average structural parameters. A wide range of pectin types is available. Pectin for food application is usually standardized to ensure performance properties are kept constant and predictable from batch to batch in spite of nature-based variation.

There are two basic types of GENU pectin, differing in Degree of methyl Esterification (DE):

  • High methylester (HM) pectin, DE higher than 50, forms gels and structured liquids under conditions of low pH and low water activity (for example, at high concentrations of sugar, sorbitol or glycerol).
  • Low methylester (LM) pectin, DE lower than 50, forms gels in the presence of divalent cations, such as calcium and magnesium.


GENU® Explorer for jams, jellies and bakery fillings.
GENU® Pectin for beverage, dressings, jams, jellies, bakery filings, and pharmaceutical applications
GENU® pHresh™ Pectin for skin feel modification in personal care products.
SLENDID® Specialty Pectin made to mimic a fat-like mouthfeel.