Personal Care

Consumer expectation has never been higher in this exciting category. Consumers want personal care products that are not only good for them but the environment too – with no compromises. We can help you innovate towards your future goals of simple and clear labels as well as more culturally comprehensive products in compact or waterless formats that will appeal to the senses and be kinder to skin and our waterways.

CP Kelco offers a unique portfolio of nature-powered ingredients, made by precision bio-fermentation and optimized extraction from citrus fruits or seaweed.

Discover the latest personal care innovation trends, insights and more!

Match Our Ingredient Functionality to Your Application Needs

Oral Care

High-performance oral care powered by nature-based ingredients.

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Skin & Sun Care

Multifunctional, bio-based solutions to help formulate new skin care and sun care products that protect and nourish skin.

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Skin & Hair Cleansing

Nature-based ingredients to support product growth and expansion as consumers seek new cleaner ways to cleanse their skin and hair.

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