SIMPLESSE® Microparticulated Whey Protein Concentrate

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SIMPLESSE® provides emulsion and foam stabilization, heat and pH stability, texture, creaminess and smoothness in a wide range of full-fat and low-fat applications.

Due to the consistency and size of the microparticles, SIMPLESSE behaves similarly to emulsified oil droplets in terms of mouthfeel and light scattering. This characteristic allows SIMPLESSE to be used in low sugar/low calorie drinks, as well as low fat and full fat drinks, to add mouthfeel, creaminess and opacity.

SIMPLESSE, being a dairy ingredient and containing 53% protein, can be used to support a whey protein label claim, and adds a pleasant dairy note to beverages.

CAS Registry Number: 91082-88-1
Functions Emulsion Foam Stabilization Fat Mimicking Mouthfeel

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