KELCOSENS™ Citrus Fiber

Our new upcycled ingredient solution for SENSational textures in personal care applications.

KELCOSENS™ Citrus Fiber is a global, sustainable and inclusive ingredient option:
  • Upcycled from citrus peels as part of a waste-free* circular approach
  • Almost all byproducts are used to benefit local communities through a strong circularity concept
  • Nature-based
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Natural Origin Index: 1 (ISO 16128)
  • Free from GMOs
  • Kosher and halal
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
*waste-free is defined as >90% waste diversion from landfills.

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KELCOSENS™ Citrus Fiber performs in a variety of skincare applications:
Facial Creams
Facial Serums
Body Lotions
KELCOSENS™ Citrus Fiber provides key functional benefits:
  • Stabilization of Emulsions
  • Tunable Texture and Skin Feel When Combined with Other
    CP Kelco® Hydrocolloids
  • Alternative to Synthetic and Natural Emulsifiers
  • Gentle on Skin
  • Good Pick-Up and Playtime
  • Pleasant Texture and Light, Refreshing Skin Feel
  • No Soaping or Tack
  • Enables Use of >20% Oil in Gel-Cream Textures
  • Cold Processable

Manufacturing Through Sustainable Processes

The KELCOSENS™ Citrus Fiber Sustainability Value Chain supports a good for the planet, good for you approach.

Upcycling Citrus Fiber: From Peel to Product

Strategically located and equipped, our Mateo and Limeira plants in Brazil are perfectly positioned to source through local citrus farms, manufacture, and then give back to their communities.  99% of our byproducts are reinjected directly into local, small- scale industry through mutually beneficial circular economy relationships.

In addition, our plants have achieved a 99% waste diversion rate.  From water to steam and everything in between CP Kelco is ensuring we keep the circle going by creating value streams instead of waste.

With our patented peel process, we make KELCOSENS™ Citrus Fiber through extraction, drying and milling utilizing orange, lemon and lime peels.  This excellent emulsifier-free stabilizer can then be utilized to provide SENSational texturizing benefits to a range of skincare applications.

After we extract KELCOSENS™ Citrus Fiber, the left-over material is used to fertilize nearby orchards, provide farm fertigation, and supply animal feed to over 30,000 animals per year.

And so the cycle continues..


Winning in the Emulsifier-Free Segment with an Upcycled Solution

Upcycled from citrus peels, leftover food waste from the juice industry, KELCOSENS™ Citrus Fiber is a sustainably produced, next-generation ingredient for emulsifier-free skincare applications. Check out our free webinar on demand to learn more about our great sustainability story and how this ingredient can take your skin care products to the next level.