Household Products

Household products is a solid growth category, yet contains multiple formulation challenges based on diversifying consumer demands, environmental issues, and preference for reasonably priced, high-performance products.

Cutting-edge innovation is at the heart of success in this category. Our vast ingredient choices and expertise makes us the industry’s go-to development partner when it comes to the full range of household products that cater to specific consumer demographics, needs and lifestyles.

Discover the latest household products innovation trends, insights and more!

Find Your Household Product Application

Air Freshener Gels

Develop appealing water-based air freshener gels with creative packaging that are safe and simple to use, and release fragrance over an extended period of time.

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Liquid Cleaners & Polishes

Formulate water-based liquid cleaners that are easy to use, versatile, with environmentally acceptable and safe ingredients delivered in innovative packaging.

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Liquid Laundry Detergent

Whether the goal is performance, shelf life stability, delivery system or environmental friendliness, make sure you are backed by the right choices and expertise to deliver a quality, consumer appealing product.

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