NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber

Clean label is here to stay! The clean label mega trend is quickly becoming an important part of food formulations. The benefits of adding fiber to consumer products are numerous and increasingly gaining momentum. Using a recognizable, clean label-friendly ingredient while reducing the total number of ingredients in your product at the same time? Well, that’s a win-win with NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber.

NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber is a next-generation fiber ingredient made from sustainably sourced citrus peels, an abundant byproduct of the juice industry. It supports dietary fiber intake and can help meet your clean label goals of a simpler, shorter ingredient list, or developing reduced-sugar or reduced-fat products. It also supports stability, suspension, body, and texture in a variety of applications including condiments, dressings, soups, baked goods, fruit flavored drinks, dairy yogurts & plant-based yogurt alternatives, and meat & meat alternative products.

Typical content of dietary fiber is at a minimum of 80% with an approximately balanced amount of soluble and insoluble fiber. This novel composition makes it suitable for a broad range of food and beverage products.

NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber highlights:

  • Supports dietary fiber intake
  • Supports reduced-fat and reduced-sugar formulations
  • Supports fruit pulp reduction
  • Supports gluten-free formulations
  • Supports water-binding, texturizing and stabilization
  • Suitable for vegan formulations
  • Compatible with standard manufacturing processes

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