GENUVISCO® Carrageenan

  • Overview
  • Properties

GENUVISCO® Carrageenan uses either Lambda or Iota types of carrageenan to form a soft, elastic gel with viscosity variations for soft and cold processing. Use it as a vegetarian gelling replacement to prevent cream separation in creamers and milk alternatives. Create the body and mouthfeel you desire in instant powder/dry mix beverage and dessert formulations.

On the personal care and household product side, GENUVISCO® Carrageenan acts as a multifunctional, water-binding agent to increase hydration. It provides a smooth, creamy texture to your emulsions and surfactant systems. A nature-based, vegan/vegetarian ingredient, it can be used to replace synthetics in shampoos, lotions and other product formulations.


CAS Registry Number: 9000-07-01 E-Number: E407, E407a

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