KELCO-VIS® Diutan Gum

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KELCO-VIS® Diutan Gum offers a versatile approach to product formulation. It was developed to address the rheology challenges of various industrial, agricultural and consumer applications. Its compatibility allows use in many different operating conditions where other materials may not work, including harsh temperatures, low-water systems and cationic formulations. Essentially, it improves performance by controlling flow. With excellent stability through very high pseudoplasticity, its potential is vast, including

  • Cleaners, foams and spray-on applications that effectively cover inclined surfaces
  • Even suspension of pigments in pourable paints and coatings
  • Household and industrial cleaners and sealants
  • Solvent thickening of glycol systems
  • Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other agrochemicals
  • Topical pesticide sprays, gels and pour-on liquids for companion animals, such as dogs and cats
  • Professional pest control, home lawn and garden and turf management products.

Formulations for the applications above often utilize an active ingredient suspended in water. However, the active ingredient can fall out of suspension, crystalize and lose potency due to temperature shifts and time.

KELCO-VIS® Diutan Gum helps to maximize shelf life and efficacy by preventing sedimentation of abrasive particles. This versatile rheology modifier provides excellent stabilization, high viscosity and high pseudoplasticity at low use concentrations.

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Functions Thickening Suspension Stabilization Easy mixing & pumping

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