GENU® pHresh Pectin

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GENU® pHresh Pectin is derived from nature-based, renewable raw materials such as citrus peel and sugar beets. Because of its traditional uses, pectin is well known by consumers and accepted as a label-friendly ingredient. Our GENU® pHresh Pectin is also beneficial to the formulation of skin care and personal care products. It’s exceptionally mild and helps the skin’s acid mantle protect its slightly acidic pH balance – that’s the skin’s natural barrier against bacteria, environmental pollutants and moisture loss. Along with its ability to buffer the skin’s natural pH, GENU® pHresh Pectin can have a soothing effect in lotions and creams, shaving products, sun care, hair care and deodorants. ECOCERT® validation available upon request.

CAS Registry Number: 9000-69-5
Functions pH Buffering

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