CP Kelco Refined Locust Bean Gum

Refined Locust Bean Gum from CP Kelco is a highly refined locust bean gum obtained from the seeds of the carob tree. It is manufactured through a series of crushing, sifting and grinding steps to separate the endosperm of the seed from the hull. Further processing by CP Kelco includes dissolution, filtration, precipitation in alcohol, drying, and milling; ensuring a highly purified, functional and transparent product.

Locust bean gum has long been used for moisture control and viscosity in food products. Locust bean gum is acid stable over a wide pH range and, therefore, used in both neutral and acidic systems.

Source: Seeds of the Carob Tree
Function: Thickening, water-binding, gel strengthening
Description: Locust bean gum is obtained by grinding the purified endosperm of the seeds of the carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua).

Locust bean gum is only partially soluble in cold water and generally requires heat to obtain full hydration. Solutions of locust bean gum exhibit high viscosity at low concentrations and the gum efficiently binds water, thus controlling syneresis.

Synergistic interactions with both xanthan and carrageenan have also created a demand for this polymer. With xanthan, the interaction results in a gelled system suitable for structure and syneresis control in systems such as pet foods, processed and cream cheeses and dessert gels. When blended with kappa carrageenan, the resulting gel is less brittle and more elastic than kappa carrageenan alone. In this blended system, locust bean gum also inhibits syneresis. This synergy is used extensively in ready-to-consume (RTC) shelf-stable dessert gels.


GENU® GUM refined locust bean gum for food application such as ready-to-consume desserts.