Refined Locust Bean Gum

It’s remarkable what we can find in nature! Locust bean gum comes from carob tree seeds. Our refined locust bean gum is highly refined and purified and reflects our passion for quality and consistency. The processing steps include a series of crushing, sifting and grinding, as well as dissolution, filtration, precipitation in alcohol, dying and milling.

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Uses for Refined Locust Bean Gum

Function Gelling Moisture Control Thickening Acid-Stability
Source Carob Tree Seeds

Our Refined Locust Bean Gum Products

CP Kelco offers GENU® Gum for a wide variety of food applications requiring a thickening agent and syneresis control, such as ready-to-consume desserts.

GENU® Gum Refined Locust Bean Gum

Gel strengthening and water-binding properties make it ideal for a wide variety of food applications, such as ready-to-consume desserts. Provides significant gel strength synergy with and syneresis control with kappa carrageenan.

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