Diutan Gum

Diutan gum is a polysaccharide used for applications that require very high suspending characteristics such as cement, gypsum, mortar, agricultural chemical applications, and oilfield drilling fluids, among others.

Obtained by microbial fermentation, and possessing a similar structure to xanthan gum, diutan gum was developed specifically for a wide range of industrial applications, including the agricultural, construction and industrial sectors, and use with the newest class of superplasticizers (water reducers). Diutan also upholds viscosity at elevated temperatures as compared to traditional rheology (sheer thinning) modifiers.

Did you know that we are the leading manufacturer of diutan gum globally? With 50 years of experience, we understand how to obtain the most out of this versatile rheology agent.

We’ve earned high industrial regard by launching hundreds of quality diutan gum-based products that deliver excellent stabilization, high pseudoplasticity and impart high viscosity at low-use concentrations. We know how to develop formulas that improve the performance of hardened materials by controlling flow, segregation, sedimentation and bleed.

Diutan Gum on Purpose

Fermentation is a beauty buzzword now, but it is also an incredible, age-old way to harness beneficial microorganisms and produce highly efficient ingredients, like diutan gum. This readily biodegradable rheology modifier thickens, suspends, stabilizes and even imparts conditioning benefits. Learn more…

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Uses for Diutan Gum

Function Suspension Viscosity Stabilization
Source Sphingomonas elodea

Our Diutan Gum Products

CP Kelco offers a variety of diutan gum products that result in fluid products that readily flow, but also are capable of suspending or stabilizing components.

GEOVIS® Diutan Gum

A high-viscosity, thermally stable biopolymer to optimize hydraulic efficiency in drilling fluids and fluid loss control and slurry stability in oil well cements.

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KELCO-CARE® Diutan Gum

Our nature-based stabilizer and rheology modifier for high-performance skin and haircare products.

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CP Kelco’s KELCO-CRETE® Diutan Gum is a high-performance, viscosity modifying asset to add strength and maintain uniform distribution of cement- and gypsum-based systems.

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KELCO-VIS® Diutan Gum

An effective stabilizer that can also be used to control flow in a range of industrial and consumer applications including paints, cleaners, foams, turf management, crop protection and animal protection products.

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