Fruit Applications

Fruits are wonderful but not always easy to work with and finding the perfect nature-based ingredients for fruit applications is not an easy task. The right ingredients are essential in fruit processing formulas to create the right texture at the right temperature, pH level, and solids level to perform well in the manufacturing and transportation process.

These ingredients also are key to impart heat stability and pumpability in bakery fillings, thermo-reversibility in bakery glazes, and starch reduction/replacement in both yogurt fruit preparations and bakery fillings.

When it comes to fruit applications, we offer extensive in-house expertise in nature-based ingredients, global lab capabilities, supported by technical experts working with a vast portfolio of nature-based, sustainable products.

Specifically, our extensive GENU® Pectin grades are well-recognized and respected for tailored performance in specific applications, as well as for consistent quality from batch to batch. These grades also are ideal for achieving a clean label – recognizable ingredients, with non-GMO options and/or organic compliance while preserving desired flavor, texture and appearance in your product.

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Find Your Fruit Application

Jams, Jellies, & Fruit Spreads

Achieve the desired texture and taste with a portfolio of nature-based ingredients suited for solid products.

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Bakery Fillings

Overcome the traditional challenges of syneresis, texture, pumpability and stability.

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Juice & Juice Drinks

Enhance texture and mouthfeel while staying true to fruit flavors.

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Fruit Prep

Our experts can help you formulate to meet your exact fruit prep needs.

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