What We’re Made Of

Take a look outside. Where most people see just a lily pad, an orange peel or seaweed, we see ingredients. Powerful ones, too. Their uses are many, ranging from everyday products to specialty applications. Nature-based ingredients aren’t just our passion. They form the center of everything we do at CP Kelco.

We’re a global company made up of nature-based ingredient enthusiasts, strong collaborators and problem-solving big thinkers. But our interests don’t stop at ingredients. We’re also devoted to customer service, which makes sense given how much we collaborate with customers. It keeps our relationships strong and ensures we provide the right products for the right formulations. Our ingredient portfolio has grown over the years, as well as the variety of industries we now serve. Quality and consistency are at the core of our business. Some may view that as a tall order, but it’s a standard we have kept for over 85 years.

As consumer demands and expectations change, so will our product portfolio and applications. Just ask the teams at our Regional Application Labs worldwide, where they’re constantly looking for new, effective ways to create nature-powered success. Think of it as an R&D playground, where intriguing prototypes and solutions are generated on a regular basis. What’s exciting is how much we’re still discovering every year. Want to hear more? We’d love to talk about it.

What We Offer

A Unique Portfolio of Products

Technical Excellence

Long-Term Sustainability