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Performance of highly fluid, technically demanding systems such as concrete, mortar and grout can be challenged by variations in temperature, moisture and material content. This affects workability, rebar adhesion and penetration. KELCO-CRETE® Diutan Gum can help. Using KELCO-CRETE® Diutan Gum in the formulation can improve robustness so the product is far more consistent, flexible and easy to use. Mixes designed with KELCO-CRETE® Diutan Gum can fill framework and pass through congested steel reinforcement without bleeding. At rest and under shear, it exhibits an effective combination of pseudoplasticity to protect during production, transport, pumping and overall performance. When shear is applied (such as in pouring, mixing, troweling and leveling), the change in viscosity is nearly instantaneous so the mix readily flows for uniform distribution and excellent stability. This can reduce the probability of rejected loads at the jobsite.

KELCO-CRETE® Diutan Gum is fast-hydrating to increase plastic viscosity and yield stress, resulting in a fluid that readily flows, yet has excellent stability.

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Functions Enables highly fluid and workable systems Readily flows for uniform distribution Enhances strength and flexibility Stability during transportation and placement Robust to variations in moisture content and temperature
Applications Cement Gypsum

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