GEOVIS® Diutan Gum

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GEOVIS®  Diutan Gum optimizes the rheological profile of drilling fluids and water-based circulating systems by increasing viscosity at low shear rates. It improves suspension and the carrying capacity, especially under low flow rate conditions. GEOVIS®  Diutan Gum is functional in both freshwater and salty seawater. Even at low concentrations, it helps to reduce daily maintenance treatments and retains its strength at elevated temperatures (up to 310º F). GEOVIS®  Diutan Gum is also more compatible with cement than most other biopolymers, making it an ideal candidate for slurry stability and fluid loss control as well as for spacer fluids.

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Functions Controls flow Increases viscosity at low shear rates Maintains plastic viscosity Suspension Tolerant to fresh or seawater

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