KELCOGEL® CG gellan gum is a polysaccharide produced by fermentation of a pure culture of Sphingomonas elodea. The composition and structure of native gellan gum produced by commercial fermentation is identical to the nature-based occurring polysaccharide formed by Sphingomonas elodea on plants of Lily pad varieties.

This multi-functional hydrocolloid can be used at low levels in a wide variety of products that require gelling, texturizing, stabilizing, suspending, film-forming and structuring.

KELCOGEL gellan gum is extremely effective at low use levels in forming “fluid gels” with monovalent and divalent cations. KELCOGEL gellan gum is available in two grades: high and low acyl content, which form soft and hard gels, respectively.

Varying the ratio of the two forms produces a wide range of textures, allowing formulation flexibility for use in personal care, sprayable sunscreens, even eye drops and washes. For the toothpaste and oral care products industry, designed specifically for clear gel toothpastes, KELCOGEL® CG-LA gellan gum offers benefits in low-water, clear gel formulations, where other binders cause stringiness.

Another advantage of KELCOGEL CG-LA is that is ability to create low-viscosity suspension in products like mouthwash. Whether it’s suspending actives or flavor beads, the product’s robustness offers formulation flexibility without impacting consumer use experience. Salts present in toothpaste interact with KELCOGEL CG-LA to give a fluid gel – a low viscosity liquid with an appreciable yield stress.

Used at a low concentration (typically 0.05%) in conjunction with thickening silica, KELCOGEL CG-LA provides a light, clean mouthfeel and a high flavor impact. If required, the mouthfeel can be altered by addition of KELDENT® xanthan gum or CEKOL® cellulose gum.