The New Generation of Viscosity Modifying Admixture (VMA)

KELCO-CRETE® Diutan Gum is a high molecular weight gum produced by carefully controlled aerobic fermentation, developed specifically for use with gypsum and hydraulic cementitious materials and the newest class of superplasticizers. It enables formulators and designers to improve the performance of hardened materials by controlling flow, segregation, sedimentation and bleed.

KELCO-CRETE diutan gum belongs to a class of rheology modifying agents possessing pseudoplastic behavior. Pseudoplastic materials are characterized by viscosity, which increases and decreases virtually instantaneously in response to the removal and application of shear. This property results in fluids that readily flow but are capable of suspending or stabilizing components.

KELCO-CRETE biopolymer is easily dry blended with other dry materials, such as superplasticizers, water reducers, fly ash, cement, gypsum and/or fillers like marble dust, as well as various mineral and clay fillers.

It is used in products based on portland cement, calcium aluminate cement, gypsum, fly ash, and various pozzolanic materials and is compatible with all commonly used admixtures including naphthalene, melamine and polycarboxylate acid superplasticizers.