Skin & Sun Care

From smooth flow rheology to fluid gels with a fresh moisturizing sensation to thickening and suspending across a wide pH range, CP Kelco has the multifunctional, bio-based solutions to help you create exciting new skin care and sun care formulations.

Moisturizers, serums, gels, creams and sunscreens often have demanding functional requirements to combine luxurious indulgence with effective skin protection and moisturization. Building on our application expertise, we innovate with your processing ease in mind so you can attain the high performance you desire with great sensory appeal.

Most of all, today’s consumers want to know that the personal care products they buy are kind to skin and waterways. Be assured that CP Kelco offers a unique portfolio of nature-powered ingredients, made by precision bio-fermentation and optimized extraction from citrus fruits or seaweed. Sustainability is a big priority for us. Powered by nature and new technology, we are committed to using renewable raw materials, upcycling and minimal processing to bring out the best functionality.

Our Products

Product Type Function
KELCO-CARE® Diutan Gum Learn more

Silky Sensory Experience

KELTROL® CG Xanthan Gum Learn more

Emulsions & Foams Stabilization

KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum Learn more

Unique Fluid Gel Suspension
Moisturizing Sensation

GENU® pHresh Pectin Learn more

Thickening & Gelling
Skin pH Stabilization

UniqSens SFE Emulsifier-Free System Learn more

Allows for Emulsifier-Free/Surfactant-Free Claim