Ice Cream & Ice Cream Alternatives

Consumers around the globe love ice cream! However, with megatrends of health and wellness, sustainability and plant-based protein, this category is quickly evolving. So here’s the real scoop: We are here to help with ingredient solutions and technical expertise to address your customers’ needs and preferences!

Meet the Trends Shaping the Future of Ice Cream

Watch our trend report to learn more about what consumers are seeking and how we can support your innovation efforts:

Ice Cream as a Healthy Indulgence

CP Kelco has nature-based ingredients to help you develop ice cream and plant-based ice cream alternatives with the indulgent, creamy mouthfeel and texture consumers prefer. We are proud to introduce NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber, the single ingredient alternative to industry standard blends. Let us help you…

  • Clean up your label by replacing additives
  • Provide freeze/thaw stability and melt resistance
  • Achieve target overrun
  • Potentially improve costs without impacting the manufacturing process

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Our Products

Product Type Function
NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber Learn More
  • Freeze/thaw stability
  • Replace industry blends
  • Achieve target overrun
  • Potentially improve Costs