Liquid Cleaners & Polishes

Despite competition from powders and wipes, liquid cleaners and polishes remain the predominant form for most household cleaning products. There are so many opportunities for growth and product line extension with formulation innovation and packaging.

Work with us to create or improve products with ingredients that can provide:

• Rapid coverage of large surface areas
• Enhanced cling to vertical and inclined surfaces
• Increased residence time of active ingredients on the surface prolonged fragrance release
• Settling prevention of abrasive particles in storage
• High functionality at low concentration
• Easy application from the bottle
• The quality of removal by flushing, rinsing or wiping
• The ability to mix easily and fill into bottles
• Functionality without interference with the performance of the cleaning agent

We offer extensive formulation technical expertise and a wide-range of nature-based ingredients for liquid cleaners and polishes.

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Our Products

Product Type Function
KELZAN® Xanthan Gum Learn more
  • Suspension
  • Cling
  • Thickening
  • Acid Stability
  • Hydration
  • KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum Learn more
  • Suspension
  • Gelling
  • Film Forming
  • Structuring
  • KELCO-VIS® Diutan Gum Learn more
  • Suspension
  • Cling
  • Thickening