Fresh & Injected Meat

Yield enhancement, moisture retention, texture, and appearance, are all critical considerations in formula development for fresh and injected meats.

We offer a broad portfolio of nature-based ingredients designed to help with increasing juiciness and flavor while decreasing purge, fat content, and protein loss.


NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber

  • Supports dietary fiber intake
  • Maintains juiciness and tenderness
  • Texture, color and taste of meat products remains optimal
  • Increases cooked yield
  • Reduces purge and freeze/thaw purge

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Our Products

Product Type Function
GENU® Carrageenan Learn more
  • Gelling
  • Stabilizing
  • Thickening
  • GENU PLUS 100® Carrageenan Learn more
  • In-Meat Gelling
  • Syneresis Control
  • Water-Binding