Neutral pH Drinks (Milk, Dairy, Soy)

Producers are leveraging dairy and soy milks’ existing healthy image and fortifying these beverages to create consumer appeal on shelf, with bone health (added insoluble calcium and vitamin D) and heart health (added Omega-3 fatty acids) being important recent trends. In addition, protein based beverage producers continue to concentrate on creating Low/No Fat and Reduced/Low/No Sugar alternatives with premium eating qualities to attract the discerning health-conscious consumer.

Getting all these consumer demands satisfied is challenging for the beverage formulator. Formulating stable milk and soy beverages with neutral pH with a refreshing mouthfeel and acceptable flavor profiles presents technical hurdles, for sure, and these technical hurdles can be exasperated if the beverages are fortified with insoluble particulates.

…But Not to Worry. Hydrocolloids to the Rescue.

CP Kelco is the perfect partner for this beverage category. With world-class application knowledge and the most extensive portfolio of ingredients, customers can produce high-quality neutral pH protein beverages with a variety of drinking profiles, that are stable across the shelf-life of the product.

CP Kelco products serve several functions in neutral pH protein beverages, including stabilization, suspension and thickening. Hydrocolloids make it possible to produce consumer appealing neutral pH protein beverages with a consistent and uniform quality and nutrient delivery.

CP Kelco’s ingredients are derived from nature-based, renewable raw materials, and we strive to provide these products with minimal processing or modification. Therefore, most products will support a ‘nature-based’ label claim, and many will support an ‘organic’ label claim.

When it comes to stabilizing protein, suspension of insoluble particulates, or dialing-in the desired mouthfeel, CP Kelco offers a broad portfolio of stabilizers and texturizers to satisfy the consumer needs and requirement of the beverage producer.



  • GENU® Carrageenan
  • KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum
  • SIMPLESSE® Microparticulated Whey Protein Concentrate
  • CEKOL® Cellulose Gum


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