A Leading Provider for Mining Froth Flotation and Pelletization Aids

It is crucial for the mining industry to constantly increase the cost efficiency of their operations. Additionally, it is imperative to ensure regular sourcing of process and performance chemical aids wherever operations are located, at predictable prices, from reliable suppliers able to adjust products to changing conditions that occur in mining processes.

FROTH FLOTATION: Cost-Efficient Separation

For minerals such as those associated with the Platinum Group Metals, Copper-Nickel, and Potash, it is of utmost importance to separate valuable mineral components, made hydrophobic by collectors, from the gangue minerals, which are typically siliceous, carbonaceous, and in some cases sulfide minerals.


CP Kelco has developed a line of CELECT CMC products that have been successfully used as selective depressants to prevent unwanted gangue minerals from floating. This facilitates more cost-effective recovery of the valuable minerals: improvement of the concentrate grade, resulting in reduced smelting operation energy costs.

CELECT CMC products aid the separation by selective depression of the gangue material. They induce a lower surface tension by creating a hydrophilic surface, thus preventing the gangue minerals from adhering to the bubbles, which selectively collect the hydrophobic valuable minerals.

In addition to the depressive function, CELECT CMC can provide an effective dispersant function for gangue slimes. The latter, if left untreated, can coat the valuable components, preventing their flotation.

PELLETIZATION: Binding and Improved Green Strength

Iron ore pellets are produced for easier handling and transportation. Pelletization also decreases the amount of energy needed in furnaces. FINNFIX® CMC products are used for binding iron ore pellets and ensuring high green strength of the pellets during the mining2pelletization process. FINNFIX CMC is an economically attractive alternative to commonly used bentonite and hydrated lime.


FINNFIX products offer truly multi-functional advantages in pelletization processes versus alternative materials.

  • Much lower dosage, when compared to non-organic binders, especially bentonite (typically an order of magnitude lower), translating into higher purity of the pellets (i.e., higher iron content), less costly logistics (transport and handling), and lower energy consumption.
  • Agglomerating iron ore with FINNFIX organic binders leads to a reduction in silica content of the pellets.
  • The anionic nature of FINNFIX products makes them able to absorb huge quantities of water: pellets can then be formed uniformly, with high resilient strength (excellent stability upon transportation and storage).
  • FINNFIX products increase ore porosity, positively impacting firing efficiency (thus lessening the energy requirement). Upon firing, FINNFIX products are burnt away, and will not leave any harmful residues which could affect the quality of the steel produced.