Developing successful pharmaceutical formulations encompasses multiple critical factors to optimize the drug’s delivery performance. Pumpability, film formation, moisture absorption, stabilization, and controlled release all play key roles in making sure consumers get the most out of their pharmaceutical products.  

We provide a portfolio of nature-based ingredients to help deliver pharmaceutical active ingredients. Our products deliver on functionality that meet safety and regulatory standards around the world.  

Dental product performance profiles are changing. Evolving consumer expectations and demographics demand high quality products with superior product performance claims over traditional systems. Expanding functions, such gum care, whitening, as well as overall better oral hygiene, present multiple opportunities for formulation innovation. And we’re here to help you deliver.

We offer a broad portfolio of nature-based ingredients and expertise to develop a complete range of toothpastes and oral washes that meet both traditional functional characteristics, such as texture, pumping and appearance, as well as refined formulation profiles required for success in this highly competitive market.

As consumers seek new ways to relax at home and nourish the skin, there’s been a corresponding increase in soap and body wash products containing clean labels, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and even anti-aging qualities. There’s also been an increased demand in products that are produced from responsibly sourced materials.

While the public interest in natural and herbal ingredient formulations remains strong, challenges related to suspension, good pumpability and foam generation remain key to creating consumer appeal.   

CP Kelco offers a broad portfolio of nature-based ingredients and expertise in developing innovative products that meet consumer preference for products found from nature, as well as delivering all the shelf, sensory and claim features vital to achieving expected performance in a quality personal care product.  

Consumer expectation in the health and personal care products industry has never been more complex and dynamic. 

To stay competitive requires extensive and ongoing innovation in areas such as oral care products, lotion formulas, personal care products, and even quality-controlled pharmaceuticals. Cutting-edge innovation can be in the form of new milder formulations, suspension of actives and fragrance for a holistic sensorial experience, and the need for less environmental impact. 

What’s your new health and personal care masterpiece? We offer a portfolio of nature-based ingredients that meet consumer preference for responsibly sourced raw materials that help deliver on health and beauty desires. Classic formats, new product delivery, innovative performance requirements – we offer years of expertise to help you develop the next big splash.