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The Power of High Protein: Innovation, Inspiration and Formulation Insights

For dairy and dairy alternatives, protein is the star ingredient that consumers demand. However, working with high-protein applications takes technical expertise to overcome challenges of suspension, stabilization and mouthfeel, among others. Discover our tips for formulation success and unlock your next high-protein innovation with CP Kelco!

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CP Kelco wins Best Ingredients Supplier Again!

Members of the CP Kelco Brazil team were proud to receive the prestigious industry award from Aditivos Ingredientes at the recent ceremony in São Paulo. We won first place for our GENU® Pectin and KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum; and second place for KELTROL® Xanthan Gum, SIMPLESSE™ Microparticulated Whey Protein Concentrate and GENU® Carrageenan. CP Kelco has a long history of winning that dates back to the inception of the BIS Awards in 2015. Congratulations to our team!

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Answering Protein Appetites

Protein Problem-Solving, Insights & Innovation

Nutrition. Energy. Diet. Consumers are clamoring for protein! But is dairy protein popular in your region? Or do your consumers prefer plant-based sources? Gain helpful insight on what’s driving protein innovation around the globe and how we can help you unlock your next protein-powered success.

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We love taking what nature has given us and making it even better. Whey protein concentrate is a dairy ingredient used in food and beverage products that consumers seek out. As protein demand increases, our creativity progresses. We took an already great product one step further. Our concentrate undergoes a unique process, resulting in uniform protein particles with an average diameter of one micron. The microparticulation process denatures the protein to impart a decreased tendency to aggregate and gel upon heating. We think it’s pretty great.