CP Kelco Invests More Than $50 Million in Citrus Fiber Capacity Expansion

Strong Customer Demand & Market Potential Are Key Drivers to Build New Production Line

ATLANTA, September 9, 2021 – CP Kelco, a global leader of nature-based ingredient solutions, announced today that it will invest more than $50 million to expand production capacity for NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber, based on strong customer demand and market potential. With this significant capital investment, the company will have ample capacity for supporting current and future customers’ citrus fiber supply needs.

The expansion project will add a second NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber production line to the company’s facility in Matão, Brazil, increasing total capacity to approximately 5,000 metric tons and establishing CP Kelco as a leading citrus fiber supplier to food, beverage and consumer product manufacturers worldwide. The new production line is expected to be complete and operational in 2023, with options to incrementally expand capacity in the future based on customer needs.

Launched in December 2019, NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber is a unique, next-generation ingredient made from sustainably sourced citrus peels, a byproduct of the juicing industry.  Developed in response to continuing consumer demand for food and beverage products with less ingredients, less sugar and less fat, NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber can help manufacturers of these products   meet clean label needs while achieving critical functionality that ensures their desired taste and texture. Key applications include condiments, dressings, soups, fruit-flavored beverages, bakery goods, and dairy and alternative protein products.

“We are excited about reaching this important milestone in our journey with NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber, which originated as a proof-of-concept only four years ago,” said Didier Viala, President of CP Kelco. “As a result of strong collaboration amongst our global team members and development partners since that time, our citrus fiber has evolved into a robust product line for use across a range of food and beverage applications, with a growing customer pipeline globally. We look forward to continuing to explore the possibilities for NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber in additional application segments.”

About CP Kelco

CP Kelco is a nature-based ingredient solutions company with approximately 90 years of experience working with food, beverage, consumer and industrial products manufacturers worldwide. What sets us apart:

  • Unlocking Nature-Powered Success®. Apply ingredient innovation and problem-solving to develop customized solutions that leverage our regional insights and meet manufacturers’ goals to address consumer needs and preferences.
  • Unique Portfolio. Produces extensive range of high-quality, plant-based and fermentation-derived ingredients to formulate tailored solutions.
  • Technical Excellence. Offers strong collaboration with a global team of scientists and applications experts, leveraging our regional state-of-the art R&D facilities.
  • Committed to providing responsibly sourced and produced ingredients.
  • Market Insights. Understands market and consumer trends to help customers create relevant and innovative products.

Our key product lines include gellan gum, pectin, carrageenan, xanthan gum, diutan gum, fermentation-derived cellulose, refined locust bean gum, microparticulated whey protein concentrate and our latest innovation, NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber.

Thanks to consumers’ fast-paced lifestyles and an increase in health awareness, the drinkable snack market is booming. So are sales of plant-based products. One product that tops both lists is drinking yogurts. Portable and packed with protein, drinking yogurts appeal to children and adults alike. The idea of drinking yogurts with a long shelf life also continues to grow worldwide as consumers love the added convenience factor.

However, formulators know that creating and fortifying a drinking yogurt alternative with plant-based protein can be a challenge. There can be issues with sedimentation, protein stability and creaming that affect your product’s shelf life. Whether you are using coconut, oat, almond or a blend of plant protein sources, CP Kelco can help you achieve mouthfeel, taste and texture you desire. Discover our tested and proven portfolio of sustainably sourced and nature-based solutions that can help you overcome challenges and meet your clean label goals.

In today’s protein-centric marketplace, dairy plays a leading role. Consumers are looking to support their busy, active lifestyles and wellbeing with dairy products that offer convenience and a clean label. Fortification with extra vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein can make a healthy product even healthier. Fun inclusions and new flavors can broaden your appeal and help you reach a whole new generation. You need a trusted partner who understands application challenges, offers clean label-friendly solutions, and can help you get to market quickly. Because of CP Kelco’s global reach, we have gained many years of expertise working with our customers across the regions we serve. We have tailored strategies for achieving the creamy, indulgent taste and mouthfeel discerning consumers expect. Our team of experts can help you optimize the functions and sensory appeal of your new dairy formulations.

4 Reasons to Formulate Your Next Beverage Innovation with Gellan Gum

Think about all the new trends impacting the beverage industry: plant-based, health and wellbeing, plus consumers’ requests for clean label, vegan, organic and reduced-sugar options. The role of innovation is more important now than ever. If you want to stand out on a crowded store shelf, it’s time to outfit your formulator’s toolbox with a product that helps you maximize sensory appeal and functionality.

Whether you’re suspending botanicals in an energy drink, creating an indulgent, plant-based smoothie or recovering body in a reduced-calorie beverage, nature-based KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum is the multifunctional, go-to ingredient you’ve been looking for. Discovered in a water lily pond and developed by CP Kelco almost 40 years ago, it is a highly effective, soluble fiber. And it just keeps getting better and better. As we collaborate with product developers like you, we learn about your needs and keep advancing in technology. KELCOGEL® DF Gellan Gum is the next-generation, dual function problem solver for suspension and mouthfeel. Because nature-based ingredients form the core of everything we do, quality and sustainability are built into our DNA. We’re proud to be leading the way in ingredient innovation.

Here are four ways KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum can empower your next beverage innovation:

1. Dual function = less ingredients, more flexibility.

Consumers want to see fewer ingredients listed on product labels. So, expect more out of the ingredients you use: more function and more benefits. KELCOGEL® DF Gellan Gum offers dual function for clean label beverage solutions and cost savings for you. A little accomplishes a lot in terms of suspension, stabilization and texture (more details to come below). We support the development of products with shorter ingredient lists to meet ever-changing consumer demands and evolve our solutions to meet your expectations. You focus on creative product development; we’ll help you rise above all the challenges.

2. Think beyond suspension.

Innovative KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum is a master of long-term suspension, so you don’t have to worry about protein, minerals, vitamins, cocoa powder or fruit settling at the bottom. It also enables exceptional suspension without increasing the viscosity or mouthfeel of your finished beverage. So now it’s time to think big – there is a world of possibility beyond traditional suspension capability just waiting to be unlocked!

3. Stabilization assured.

How much food waste happens because separation has occurred? Maintaining product consistency over the course of shelf life is imperative. Your beverage must deliver the promise of the ingredient benefits in every sip, and it must taste and look good, without separation and settling. As new alternative protein sources come along, so do new stabilization challenges. Protein powders can be difficult to hydrate, and sensitive to heat and pH, so there’s always a threat of protein instability in the finished beverage. KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum forms a fluid gel to stabilize your beverage and prevent phase separation with minimal impact on viscosity. No matter if you’re using dairy milk or plant proteins, KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum provides stabilization.

4. Get superior flavor release and texture.

Great texture can be compared to making a memorable first impression. However, most consumers won’t even think about texture unless it’s inferior. A gelatinous chocolate milk or a watery almond beverage could turn off a customer for good. There is also a lot of body and flavor lost when reducing sugar. We know it can be hard to describe the mouthfeel you want in a finished product, but we encourage formulators to address their texture needs up front in the process to achieve them. Define the richness, creaminess and other specific attributes you want consumers to experience when tasting your beverage and we can help you attain them. Innovative KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum should be the first tool in your texture toolbox. It has excellent taste release and it also plays well with other texturants to help you achieve your desired mouthfeel.

Our global team of market-leading technical experts is ready to help you develop better-for-you beverages that range from light and refreshing to rich and decadent. Let us know your goals and we will be happy to assist you. Ask us about tailoring a KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum solution to address your specific needs, including vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, organic-compliant, gluten-free and other clean label ideals.

For more information or to request a sample, contact us here.

CP Kelco Launches Online Resource Focused on Innovation and the Power of Nature

ATLANTA, April 14, 2021 – CP Kelco, a global leader of nature-based ingredient solutions, today announced the launch of a new multimedia resource spotlighting its capabilities in action. Filled with value-creating ideas and nature-powered innovation, “Innovation… Powered by Nature” aims to help manufacturers in the food, beverage, home and personal care segments understand market trends and navigate a changing industry landscape through problem-solving and collaboration.

Using nature-powered innovation, CP Kelco’s portfolio is evolving to help meet consumer expectations – from clean label and sustainability to the plant protein megatrend and even the economic impact of the pandemic. See how CP Kelco combines regional insights, market trends, new product prototypes from around the world and key applications to provide innovative solutions to common formulation challenges.

CP Kelco also looks at what’s next—what manufacturers need to have their eye on to pivot for the future: enhanced focus on health and wellness, new processes and technologies, sustainable sourcing and production, and of course, new functional ingredients and applications.

“The industry needs partners to be agile, growth-minded and passionate about anticipating market needs,” said Jérôme Béra, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. “Innovation happens when we’re collaborating with customers to envision what’s ahead and can tailor solutions to develop new products that meet – and even exceed – consumer expectations. Our new resource is focused on helping companies remain competitive in today’s innovation-driven business landscape.”

“We continue to explore future market needs and exciting possibilities enabled by nature-powered innovation and look forward to engaging even more customers and partners with us on this journey,” Béra added.

Access exclusive insights on market trends, product prototypes from around the world, and key applications and solutions to common formulation challenges by visiting cpkelco.com/innovate.

About CP Kelco

CP Kelco is a nature-based ingredient solutions company with over 85 years of experience working with food, beverage and consumer products manufacturers worldwide. We unlock nature-powered success by applying ingredient innovation and problem-solving to develop customized solutions that leverage our regional insights and meet manufacturers’ goals to address consumer needs and preferences.  What sets us apart:

  • Unique Portfolio. Produces extensive range of high-quality, plant-based and fermentation-derived ingredients to formulate tailored solutions.
  • Technical Excellence. Offers strong collaboration with a global team of scientists and applications experts, leveraging our regional state-of-the art R&D facilities.
  • Committed to providing responsibly sourced and produced ingredients.
  • Market Insights. Understands market and consumer trends to help customers create relevant and innovative products.

Key product lines include gellan gum, pectin, xanthan gum, carrageenan, diutan gum, refined locust bean gum, microparticulated whey protein concentrate, fermentation-derived cellulose and our latest innovation, NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber. Learn more at www.cpkelco.com.


Unlocking Nature-Powered Success Through Innovation

Unlocking Nature-Powered
Success Through Innovation

No compromise: The future of food & beverage innovation.

The future of product development is going to be heavily influenced by the convergence of six important concepts. Each is about empowering customers and consumers with abundant, affordable choices and no compromises. Spotting trends early is crucial to the product development process. However, connecting all the pieces allows for full-circle synergy that spurs innovation. 

Simple & Clear Labels

The idea of ‘clean label’ continues to evolve over time but one thing is, well, clear: Consumer demand for transparency is at the forefront.

Manufacturers can earn the trust of consumers by using powerful but minimally processed and sustainably sourced, nature-based ingredients. In addition to a simple and clear ingredient deck, consumers may be looking for less overall ingredients. They may also prefer products that are organic compliant, non-GMO, and with less fat or sugar. That doesn’t have to mean compromise for you or consumers. It just means ingredient functionality becomes more important. We see this spotlight on ingredients continuing to grow as consumers focus on overall health and wellness.

Appealing to the Senses

How many of us have walked into a bakery and been comforted just by the aroma of fresh-baked cookies? Or bought a liquid laundry detergent because the scent reminded us of clean sheets drying on a clothesline in the sun? Let’s face it: a product must look good, smell good, feel and/or taste good to attract consumers. Psychology says some of our most memorable experiences are tied to sensory perception.

Sensory aspects can be the last hurdle for getting consumers to try a new product. Will the plant-based body wash be gentle enough for my sensitive skin? Will my plant-based cheese alternative melt like traditional dairy cheese on my usual Friday night pizza? They may try your product once, but consumers must enjoy – and even prefer – the sensory aspects to make the switch.

Good for You

We believe health and wellness benefits will be inherent in new product offerings going forward, enabling personalized nutrition to become mainstream along with added physical and mental wellness benefits. 

The idea is not limited to food and beverage product development either; there is synergy with the personal care and home care segments. Soothing or invigorating benefits and calming scents are prevalent, with a nod to environmental concerns and skin sensitivities using allergen-free ingredients. 

Good for The Planet

Consumers don’t just want products that are good for them; they want products that are also good for the planet. From small companies to global powerhouses, there has been a noticeable shift towards sustainability as consumers opt for brands that put the environment first. 

We envision products in the future will require less water, land and energy to produce, allowing Mother Nature to flourish, along with animal life. Innovation is already driving this movement forward through the exploration of new, alternative proteins and fermentation technology.

Powered by Nature & New Technology

For almost 90 years, nature has been CP Kelco’s source and inspiration for dozens of powerful ingredients. Along with a steadfast commitment to sustainable sourcing and minimal processing, new ideas help us bring out the best functionality of our nature-based ingredients.

Fermentation is one of those technologies that nature has given us that will ensure reliable functionality as it helps to create a sustainable, resilient future. For customers, it means quality ingredients in quantities small or large, without worry of scarcity due to natural events. For consumers, it means enjoying the products they love while also preserving plants and animals.

Culturally Comprehensive

Foods and beverages are more than nutrition; the products and even the preparation and the sharing of meals often has deep meaning attached to it. In addition to family customs, some foods are consumed due to religious beliefs, with strict dietary laws for promoting spiritual health. Many followers of global religions are vegetarians or follow strict prescriptions for the consumption of animal-based foods, such as kosher and halal.

Others pursue vegetarianism or veganism for their own health reasons or over concern for animal welfare. It also underscores a need for vegan formulations in beauty, personal care and home care products as well. In the future, the spectrum of new product offerings will be more sensitive to consumers’ cultural preferences.

The needs of the marketplace and the global demands of consumers will continue to evolve. However, we see a future full of possibilities, where nature holds the key to innovation with no compromises. CP Kelco will continue to unlock its abundant potential through new products, applications and functionalities. We invite you to be a part of it and explore with us!

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Prototypes from Around the Globe: Europe & the Middle East

Panna cotta, low-sugar jam, vegan mayonnaise, fruit drinks… yum! Explore exclusive prototype innovations from Europe and the Middle East below, each of which is introduced by an expert from our global Sales Technical Service (STS) team who offers tips for using CP Kelco’s nature-based ingredients to create regional-inspired foods and beverages. An easy-to-follow recipe card also accompanies each prototype video.

Fruited Drinking Yogurt

In this video, Søren Jensen, Application Specialist in Denmark, reveals how CP Kelco’s pectin provides stability in the fruit prep and yogurt parts of this tasty fruited yogurt drink.

Click the images below to access videos and recipe cards for our low-sugar jam, low-fat vegan mayonnaise, panna cotta and mango flavored drink prototypes.


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