Seven Ways to
Clean Up Your Label


Clean label needs are sparking all kinds of conversation and innovation lately, but what do they mean exactly Take a quick look at these seven ways to clean up your label, the challenges that come with them and how CP Kelco can be part of the solution.

Discover a More Sustainably
Produced Pectin


We believe in the power of nature – after all, our goal is to help you unlock nature-powered success. It’s our motivation every single day.

Our quest is ideal stabilization and suspension with ingredients that come from nature … in a sustainable way … using less water and energy.

Here’s one example of how we do it:

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What begins as waste citrus peel from the juicing industry goes on to become a powerful, label-friendly ingredient, pectin.

We’ve even reduced our need for water in peel preparation. What little wastewater byproduct we have is recycled as fertilizer and fertigation (fertilized irrigation) to nurture citrus orchards and eucalyptus trees.

Once the pectin is extracted from the citrus peels, we pioneered a way to turn the leftover peels into BRASPOLPA™ sustainable food for animals. This trademarked nutrient has helped to reduce our plant’s environmental footprint considerably by reducing its waste output.

We’re also proud that it earned our Limeira plant an Honor Merit Award at the 23rd Environmental Merit Awards sponsored by FIESP (Federacão das Indústrias do Estado de São Paulo) in 2017.

Learn how our sustainability journey can help you meet your customers’ expectations of responsibly sourced and renewable ingredients.