CP Kelco employees are passionate about the company’s focus on “Unlocking Nature-Powered Success” and their role in building CP Kelco’s culture and enabling customers around the world to meet market and consumer needs.

Let’s hear from our employees, in their own words…


Engineering Controls Specialist 

“When I accepted an opportunity with CP Kelco, I never imagined enjoying what I contribute to a company until now. Among all of the wonderful attributes embodied within Huber’s Principles, one value that correlates with mine is  Respect for People. Respect for my experience, my willingness to grow in knowledge across different disciplines and then utilizing them within the same company is rare. I value this type of leadership and company.”



Plant Manager, Großenbrode, Germany

“I love to work for CP Kelco because we are always striving to live our values. At the same time, we realize we are humans and we make mistakes—we dare to show vulnerability about the fact that we are not perfect. This has created a positive, encouraging and inspiring culture in which to work. We also operate with a long-term mindset—we genuinely care for the coming generations.”



Director of Brand & Marketing Communications

“Since joining CP Kelco in 2014, I have enjoyed so many aspects of my work experience, including the cross-functional teamwork that happens every day and the many opportunities to work on meaningful projects that have a real impact on the business. Most of all, I really appreciate the people and the global culture at Huber—everyone is committed to helping one another and contributing together to build a business we can all be proud of.”



Shift Supervisor

“I love working at CP Kelco because of what the company stands for – receiving and treating everyone with the utmost respect – and everyone is held to the same accountability. CP Kelco and Huber have allowed me to grow and spread my wings, and the company  has also helped to pull out the best in me. CP Kelco was very supportive when I was earning my degree in Administrative Leadership and  working full-time. CP Kelco has helped me to find my voice and to support others– my voice feels like it counts. What also excites me about being at CP Kelco is how we are always on the cutting edge of new innovations and always striving to become the best in our field.”



Research Scientist 

“I love working at CP Kelco because, as a company, we offer a wide range of nature-based and sustainable ingredients for a variety of industries that make innovation and learning never-ending. I am able to formulate baked goods, condiments, dairy and dairy alternative products, fruit flavored beverages, and more with our large portfolio, as our ingredients influence the final characteristics  of a product. I never feel alone in the innovation and development stage because  my colleagues within the US and abroad all work together, in person and through web-based video systems, toward a common goal of producing high-quality ingredients and making sure innovation and value creation is at the forefront of our daily tasks.”



Senior Director of Marketing Excellence 

“The diverse businesses within the Huber portfolio, the talented people and core company Principles have provided me the opportunity to continuously develop, be challenged intellectually and amass the requisite experience and business acumen to be the leader that I am today.”



Global Graduate Engineer

“As a recently graduated engineer, I appreciate that CP Kelco has given both the responsibility and the support to meaningfully contribute to my projects and impact the company. Employees at all levels of the company have a profound respect for people-a Huber principle-and they have made me feel incredibly welcomed from day one.”