CP Kelco Innovation Center Launch: Module No. 2 Unlocking Functionality

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CP Kelco Innovation Center Launch: Module No. 3 Meeting & Anticipating Our Customers’ Needs

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CP Kelco Innovation Center Launch Overview

The best ideas come from collaboration. That’s a core reason why we built our new global innovation center in Atlanta and designed it with customer collaboration in mind. Click here to take a virtual tour of CP Kelco’s global innovation center.

2021 Personal Care and Household Care Trends

In this recorded webinar, CP Kelco’s Director of Marketing for Strategic Segments, Sandra Catarino, and Kaitlyn Shipskie, our Marketing Intelligence Analyst, share how the pandemic and an ongoing focus on sustainability influenced this year’s home and personal care trends.

Click here to discover our innovative solutions for home and personal care applications.

2021 Personal Care and Household Care Trends

In this recorded webinar, CP Kelco’s Director of Marketing for Strategic Segments, Sandra Catarino, and Kaitlyn Shipskie, our Marketing Intelligence Analyst, share how the pandemic and an ongoing focus on sustainability influenced this year’s home and personal care trends.

Click here to discover our innovative solutions for home and personal care applications.

An A-peeling, Label-Friendly Solution for Baking

NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber is nature-based dietary fiber made from sustainably sourced citrus peels, a byproduct of the juicing industry. Our process allows us to convert the citrus peels into a citrus fiber that is close to nature and suitable for a broad range of food and beverage products. 

‘Clean Label’ is a consumer-driven, global movement that continues to evolve over time and across regions. With a new focus on health, understandably, consumers are paying extra close attention to labels. Ingredients matter. According to GlobalData, 47% of global consumers report that ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients are more important to them than before the pandemic. Consumers prefer to see a shorter ingredient list; and want companies to use ingredients that are more recognizable. They also have varied dietary needs and want companies to support them by offering more products that are gluten-free, kosher, halal, or have reduced sugar and fat.

Meeting these clean label requirements, and still achieving your desired functionality, can become a formulation challenge. How do you create products that don’t compromise on taste and texture?

One answer lies in a next-generation ingredient solution. NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber  supports dietary fiber intake with soluble and insoluble fiber. It is derived from an abundant, nature-based supply of raw material, the fresh citrus peel byproduct of the juicing industry. Citrus peel naturally has a high pectin content and the inherent pectin is retained as soluble fiber in NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber. NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber is also considered a food ingredient in Europe with no E-number.

NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber boost for Label-Friendly Baking

Product Differentiation:
  • Supports dietary fiber intake
  • Listed as citrus fiber on the label
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Allows for a simpler, label-friendly
    ingredient list
  • Reduces number of ingredients
Key Functional Benefits:
  • Supports soft texture with neutral taste
  • Supports stabilizing properties
  • Supports good dough development
  • Maintains freshness over shelf life
  • Increases yield due to high water binding
  • Offers a clean label solution for gluten-free baking formulations

Baking Gluten Free

Gluten-free baking presents a host of challenges, usually related to texture. How do you develop gluten-free cakes and baked goods that are fluffy, tender and moist instead of gritty, dry or dense? NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber boost makes it possible to attain the texture and desired mouthfeel you want, while using standard manufacturing processes. The answer is its unique water-binding capacity that boosts dough hydration and increases yield. NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber boost can also be used to improve the texture and freshness of gluten-free baked goods over shelf life.

Reducing Fat

Fat has a functional benefit in the formulation of baked goods. It affects the texture, flavor and overall enjoyable eating experience. However, consumers want manufacturers to reduce fat, especially trans-fat and hydrogenated oils – but they still expect the same, desired taste and texture. In other words, they want “healthy indulgence;” they want their cake and they want to eat it, too. NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber boost, with its soluble and insoluble fiber, holds water tightly and gives the cake structure. The fiber helps to provides similar sensory characteristics to a full-fat recipe in crust appearance, volume and a soft, moist texture inside.

For more tips, see our infographic for seven ways to clean up your label.

For more information or to request a sample, contact us here.

Ingredients for Success With Plant-Based Yogurt Alternatives

With campaigns such as ‘Veganuary’ attracting global attention and 51% average annual growth in food and beverage launches with plant-based claims (Innova Market Insights: Global, CAGR 2015-2020), the plant-based diet has gone mainstream. One in four consumers globally is “actively trying to increase consumption of plant-based protein,” according to Global Data’s 2020 dairy trend report.

It’s no wonder that plant-based, dairy alternative products continue to grow in popularity. They can appeal to consumers with lactose intolerance and dairy allergies as well as the flexitarians and food explorers. There has been a boom in new product launches of spoonable, non-dairy yogurt alternatives since 2015, projected to be seven times that of dairy yogurt, according to Innova Market Insights. Drinking yogurts – both dairy and plant-based – are also becoming a popular protein snack loved by all ages. Making the snack even more convenient for both consumers and companies alike, the idea of ambient drinking yogurts (ADY) was born. Without a need for refrigeration, ADY can be stored anywhere and enjoyed anytime. See why we’re making the case for long shelf-life drinking yogurt here.

Taste and texture are key – especially when trying to reach the flexitarian consumer and compete with traditional dairy counterparts for shelf space. Consumers expect plant-based, non-dairy yogurt alternatives to have all the great qualities of dairy – the same rich mouthfeel, texture and creaminess – even a similar appearance. Textural challenges can arise from the absence of milkfat as well as the natural grittiness of plant protein. Earthy or beany notes can also impact flavor.

Choosing The Right Stabilizer System

The true secret to achieving success in plant-based, non-dairy yogurt alternatives is choosing the right stabilizer system. It can help solve the most common challenges in both stirred and sippable formulations: syneresis control, suspension of insoluble particles and protein protection, in addition to contributing to texture, body and mouthfeel.

GENU® Pectin is an easily recognized, label-friendly ingredient extracted from citrus peels. It can be used to protect proteins at an acidic pH and provide long-lasting stability over shelf life while also preventing sedimentation and syneresis. A well-known gelling agent, pectin can help formulators create a creamy, spoonable texture by delivering that missing “fat sensation” and optimize mouthfeel as it helps with flavor deliver.

KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum is a multifunctional, fermentation-derived ingredient for solving plant-based protein challenges, with a composition identical to the naturally occurring bacteria on water lily pond plants. It provides stabilization and suspension of insoluble protein, calcium, minerals and other particles in yogurt drinks while contributing minimal mouthfeel and ensuring a smooth pour.

The Health Halo

For its 2020 Top Ten Trends Survey, Innova Market Insights asked consumers around the globe why they chose to eat plant-based foods. Their top reasons included “it is healthier” and “it is better for the planet.”  With a health halo adding to the growing interest in trying plant-based applications, a clean, recognizable label is also critical. Product developers should honor this perception of health and sustainability in their choice of stabilizers. Using nature-based ingredients such as GENU® Pectin and KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum will complement your plant proteins. Ask about grades available to meet claims of organic compliance, non-GMO, gluten-free and other clean label goals. Because of their multifunctional qualities, GENU® Pectin and KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum can also help formulators shorten their ingredient list overall.

When a product developer is able to connect all of the elements of innovation, there is no limit to the potential for success with plant-based, non-dairy yogurt alternatives.

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4 Reasons to Formulate Your Next Beverage Innovation with Gellan Gum

Think about all the new trends impacting the beverage industry: plant-based, health and wellbeing, plus consumers’ requests for clean label, vegan, organic and reduced-sugar options. The role of innovation is more important now than ever. If you want to stand out on a crowded store shelf, it’s time to outfit your formulator’s toolbox with a product that helps you maximize sensory appeal and functionality.

Whether you’re suspending botanicals in an energy drink, creating an indulgent, plant-based smoothie or recovering body in a reduced-calorie beverage, nature-based KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum is the multifunctional, go-to ingredient you’ve been looking for. Discovered in a water lily pond and developed by CP Kelco almost 40 years ago, it is a highly effective, soluble fiber. And it just keeps getting better and better. As we collaborate with product developers like you, we learn about your needs and keep advancing in technology. KELCOGEL® DF Gellan Gum is the next-generation, dual function problem solver for suspension and mouthfeel. Because nature-based ingredients form the core of everything we do, quality and sustainability are built into our DNA. We’re proud to be leading the way in ingredient innovation.

Here are four ways KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum can empower your next beverage innovation:

1. Dual function = less ingredients, more flexibility.

Consumers want to see fewer ingredients listed on product labels. So, expect more out of the ingredients you use: more function and more benefits. KELCOGEL® DF Gellan Gum offers dual function for clean label beverage solutions and cost savings for you. A little accomplishes a lot in terms of suspension, stabilization and texture (more details to come below). We support the development of products with shorter ingredient lists to meet ever-changing consumer demands and evolve our solutions to meet your expectations. You focus on creative product development; we’ll help you rise above all the challenges.

2. Think beyond suspension.

Innovative KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum is a master of long-term suspension, so you don’t have to worry about protein, minerals, vitamins, cocoa powder or fruit settling at the bottom. It also enables exceptional suspension without increasing the viscosity or mouthfeel of your finished beverage. So now it’s time to think big – there is a world of possibility beyond traditional suspension capability just waiting to be unlocked!

3. Stabilization assured.

How much food waste happens because separation has occurred? Maintaining product consistency over the course of shelf life is imperative. Your beverage must deliver the promise of the ingredient benefits in every sip, and it must taste and look good, without separation and settling. As new alternative protein sources come along, so do new stabilization challenges. Protein powders can be difficult to hydrate, and sensitive to heat and pH, so there’s always a threat of protein instability in the finished beverage. KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum forms a fluid gel to stabilize your beverage and prevent phase separation with minimal impact on viscosity. No matter if you’re using dairy milk or plant proteins, KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum provides stabilization.

4. Get superior flavor release and texture.

Great texture can be compared to making a memorable first impression. However, most consumers won’t even think about texture unless it’s inferior. A gelatinous chocolate milk or a watery almond beverage could turn off a customer for good. There is also a lot of body and flavor lost when reducing sugar. We know it can be hard to describe the mouthfeel you want in a finished product, but we encourage formulators to address their texture needs up front in the process to achieve them. Define the richness, creaminess and other specific attributes you want consumers to experience when tasting your beverage and we can help you attain them. Innovative KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum should be the first tool in your texture toolbox. It has excellent taste release and it also plays well with other texturants to help you achieve your desired mouthfeel.

Our global team of market-leading technical experts is ready to help you develop better-for-you beverages that range from light and refreshing to rich and decadent. Let us know your goals and we will be happy to assist you. Ask us about tailoring a KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum solution to address your specific needs, including vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, organic-compliant, gluten-free and other clean label ideals.

For more information or to request a sample, contact us here.