There’s a shifting balance between the convenience of processed meats that suit on-the-go lifestyles. While this food category remains broad and often a staple in many homes, there is always room to improve yield, consistency, sliceability, spreadability, cohesiveness – and even juiciness and flavor!

We offer years of both manufacturing and application expertise, along with choices of nature-based ingredients to achieve formulas that can improve your product while decreasing purge, fat content, slicing loss or protein loss. Let us help you to achieve nature-based claims and a quality product with all the desired flavor, texture and appearance.

We have an extensive range of carrageenan and texturizing products for the processed meat, poultry and seafood industries.

  • Protein loss

The primary types of carrageenan used are kappa carrageenan and iota carrageenan. The use of GENU® Carrageenan and GENU® Texturizer Carrageenan blends in processed meat, poultry and seafood products gives a range of consumer and manufacturing benefits by improving:

  • Yield
  • Consistency
  • Sliceability
  • Cohesiveness

Eating qualities such as juiciness and flavor and by decreasing:

  • Purge (drip loss, freeze-thaw loss, cooking loss, and reheating loss)
  • Fat content
  • Slicing loss


Yield enhancement, moisture retention, texture, and appearance, are all critical considerations in formula development for fresh and injected meats.

We offer a broad portfolio of nature-based ingredients designed to help with increasing juiciness and flavor while decreasing purge, fat content, and protein loss.

Whether developing for increased yield, sliceability, juiciness, flavor or texture, we offer an extensive range of nature-based ingredients and texturizing agents designed specifically for meat, poultry and seafood benefits.

Work with our food scientists to advance innovation in aromas, visual appeal and functional elements, while selecting from quality raw materials and formulations ideal for your specific industrial processes.