A nature-based, biodegradable solution for suspension, stabilization and uniform distribution

CP Kelco’s CELLULON® Cellulose Liquid technology was designed to enable innovation with a multifunctional formula that’s also sustainable. It forms a microscopic, 3D network that reliably suspends actives, perfumed encapsulates, beads and decorative particles with minimal impact to finished product viscosity and dispersibility. Through its unique functionality, it is compatible with even the most concentrated liquid detergents. CELLULON® Cellulose Liquid is made using a millennia-old microbial fermentation process consisting of nature-sourced ingredients to support its eco-friendly: biodegradable attributes – a distinct value proposition that consumers can feel good about. Common formulation challenges solved
  • Replace microplastic suspending polymers with a nature-based, biodegradable solution
  • Significantly reduce the level of VOC-generating ingredients and their contribution to wastewater
  • Effective with high and low surfactant formulations
  • Disperses easily and dilutes quickly
  • Fully activated for use with no pH adjustment or high-shear mixing
  • Tolerates enzymes, pH, salt levels, temperature
  • Differentiate function without compromising on affordability and sustainability from nature-based ingredient

To learn more about CELLULON® Cellulose Liquid and its superpowers, access our recent video.

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