KELCO-VIS® Diutan Gum offers a versatile approach to product formulation. It was developed to address the rheology challenges of various industrial, agricultural and consumer applications. Its compatibility allows use in many different operating conditions where other materials may not work, including harsh temperatures, low-water systems and cationic formulations. Essentially, it improves performance by controlling flow. With excellent stability through very high pseudoplasticity, its potential is vast, including

  • Cleaners, foams and spray-on applications that effectively cover inclined surfaces
  • Even suspension of pigments in pourable paints and coatings
  • Household and industrial cleaners and sealants
  • Solvent thickening of glycol systems
  • Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other agrochemicals
  • Topical pesticide sprays, gels and pour-on liquids for companion animals, such as dogs and cats
  • Professional pest control, home lawn and garden and turf management products.

Formulations for the applications above often utilize an active ingredient suspended in water. However, the active ingredient can fall out of suspension, crystalize and lose potency due to temperature shifts and time.

KELCO-VIS® Diutan Gum helps to maximize shelf life and efficacy by preventing sedimentation of abrasive particles. This versatile rheology modifier provides excellent stabilization, high viscosity and high pseudoplasticity at low use concentrations.

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Performance of highly fluid, technically demanding systems such as concrete, mortar and grout can be challenged by variations in temperature, moisture and material content. This affects workability, rebar adhesion and penetration. KELCO-CRETE® Diutan Gum can help. Using KELCO-CRETE® Diutan Gum in the formulation can improve robustness so the product is far more consistent, flexible and easy to use. Mixes designed with KELCO-CRETE® Diutan Gum can fill framework and pass through congested steel reinforcement without bleeding. At rest and under shear, it exhibits an effective combination of pseudoplasticity to protect during production, transport, pumping and overall performance. When shear is applied (such as in pouring, mixing, troweling and leveling), the change in viscosity is nearly instantaneous so the mix readily flows for uniform distribution and excellent stability. This can reduce the probability of rejected loads at the jobsite.

KELCO-CRETE® Diutan Gum is fast-hydrating to increase plastic viscosity and yield stress, resulting in a fluid that readily flows, yet has excellent stability.

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Winner of the Innovation Zone Award 2021 – Silver Prize for Functional Ingredients at the In-Cosmetics® trade show held in Korea.

KELCO-CARE® Diutan Gum helps formulators develop next-level, nature-based skin care, sun care, cosmetics and hair care formulations including conditioners and hair color. It thickens, suspends and stabilizes across a wide pH range at low use levels. Compatible with polyols and alcohol, it delivers a silky, sensory experience with smoothing and conditioning benefits to your applications.

Suitable for vegan formulations, KELCO-CARE® Diutan Gum is a nature-based ingredient obtained by the age-old process of fermentation. Its high efficiency is due to high pseudoplasticity with a low shear rate and yield. In addition, it is easy to disperse and cold-processable. This versatile rheology modifier also provides excellent stabilization across a wide range of temperatures. Properties can be boosted with the addition of salt.

KELCO-CARE® Diutan Gum is exclusively distributed by The Lubrizol Corporation worldwide.

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GEOVIS®  Diutan Gum optimizes the rheological profile of drilling fluids and water-based circulating systems by increasing viscosity at low shear rates. It improves suspension and the carrying capacity, especially under low flow rate conditions. GEOVIS®  Diutan Gum is functional in both freshwater and salty seawater. Even at low concentrations, it helps to reduce daily maintenance treatments and retains its strength at elevated temperatures (up to 310º F). GEOVIS®  Diutan Gum is also more compatible with cement than most other biopolymers, making it an ideal candidate for slurry stability and fluid loss control as well as for spacer fluids.

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Diutan gum is a polysaccharide used for applications that require very high suspending characteristics such as cement, gypsum, mortar, agricultural chemical applications, and oilfield drilling fluids, among others.

Obtained by microbial fermentation, and possessing a similar structure to xanthan gum, diutan gum was developed specifically for a wide range of industrial applications, including the agricultural, construction and industrial sectors, and use with the newest class of superplasticizers (water reducers). Diutan also upholds viscosity at elevated temperatures as compared to traditional rheology (sheer thinning) modifiers.

Did you know that we are the leading manufacturer of diutan gum globally? With 50 years of experience, we understand how to obtain the most out of this versatile rheology agent.

We’ve earned high industrial regard by launching hundreds of quality diutan gum-based products that deliver excellent stabilization, high pseudoplasticity and impart high viscosity at low-use concentrations. We know how to develop formulas that improve the performance of hardened materials by controlling flow, segregation, sedimentation and bleed.

Diutan Gum on Purpose

Fermentation is a beauty buzzword now, but it is also an incredible, age-old way to harness beneficial microorganisms and produce highly efficient ingredients, like diutan gum. This readily biodegradable rheology modifier thickens, suspends, stabilizes and even imparts conditioning benefits. Learn more…