CELLULON® Cellulose Liquid Is The More Sustainable Suspension Aid

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The power of plants is everywhere these days – from what’s on your plate for dinner to how you clean it afterwards. According to Innova Market Insights (April 2021), there is a rising demand for more plant-based cleaning options. Newness is taking shape in plant-powered dishwashing liquid formulations that clean yet are skin-friendly and biodegradable. Consumers have an increasing awareness of synthetic ingredients and their effects, especially on the environment.

Formulators often wonder how using plant-based ingredients might alter functionality in a dishwashing liquid. Will they deliver the same cleaning power to remove tough, baked-on grease? Also, how will the ingredients hold together? Homemade dishwashing liquids are usually quite thin and need to be shaken.

CELLULON® Cellulose Liquid is the more sustainable suspension aid. It’s a biodegradable, nature-based alternative to thickeners such as carbomers. It suspends decorative beads, pearlescents, fragrance encapsulates and scrubbers independently of surfactant level. And it stabilizes in a wide range of conditions with minimal impact on the viscosity of the final product. Made by microbial fermentation, CELLULON® Cellulose Liquid is bio-identical to cellulose commonly found in nature. Yet our patented process creates a continuous, reticulated network with a very high surface area-to-weight ratio. This 3D net adds reliable structuring and a true yield value at low concentrations in a formulation. 

Ease of Use

Comes pre-activated and ready to use. No pH adjustment required. Easy to disperse under low-to-moderate mixing conditions.

Excellent Performance

Low use level of 0.5-5% w/w. Provides suspension and stabilization without significantly altering the pour viscosity of the formulation. Freeze-thaw stable to -20° C for at least 5 cycles.

Cost Efficient

Suitable for economic formulations as well as highly concentrated formulations, including unidose laundry systems. Cellulose is not water-soluble. Formulating into low/no-water formulations is possible! 


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