Fermentation-Derived Cellulose (FDC) is our biodegradable and eco-friendly product that is ideal for use in Fabric Care, Home Care and Personal Care applications. Its unique cellulose structure creates invisible a 3-D reticulated network which has excellent functionality even in high surfactant or non-aqueous systems. The uniqueness of FDC’s reticulated network provides suspension without additional viscosity for particulates such as decorative micro beads, encapsulated fragrance or encapsulated enzymes.

FDC is very versatile and retains its functional characteristics over a very wide pH range, under challenging temperature, and is compatible with salt and enzymes. Its low use levels make it a cost-effective option and enables differentiated offering. Microbial fermentation process using nature derived ingredients creates a distinct advantage and supports attributes of being eco friendly and sustainable!

FDC on Purpose

Did you know our cellulose is fermented from the same microorganism that produces nata de coco? It is chemically identical to cellulose made by plants. However, the best part of this readily biodegradable, eco-friendly solution is that it offers superior performance and can support customers trying to avoid harmful microplastics and synthetics. Learn more…