Delicious meets nutritious. Bridging the gap between the confectionery and wellness categories, functional gummies have exploded in popularity around the world. This easily consumable, fortified snack turns taking supplements into a fun experience. Developed with vitamins, minerals, probiotics and other active ingredients, functional gummies encourage repeat consumption and are appreciated by all generations. Young children love the taste. Older adults who may have trouble swallowing also prefer the delivery format over cumbersome capsules and pills.

In this fast-growing area, label-conscious consumers are prompting a number of trends, including sugar-free, vegan alternatives to gelatin and heat-stability to take advantage of e-commerce convenience. CP Kelco offers a portfolio of nature-based ingredients and technical expertise to ensure you have the best solution.

A traditional treat, water desserts continue to undergo transformation as consumers seek convenience and nutritional benefits in their snacks. Innovation opportunity abounds working with our wide range of nature-based ingredients and expert food scientists to develop new products offering ready-to-consume packaging, the addition of fiber, fruit pieces and/or vitamin and mineral fortification.

Indulgent and familiar confections and dessert are beloved treats that will always be around. There are also opportunities for bold flavors, creative packaging, chewier textures, and products promoting healthful snacking. Yum!

We offer a vast portfolio of nature-based ingredients ideally suited to appeal to shifting consumer preferences for sugar-based snacks that are nature-based, vegan/gelatin-free or that meet dietary restrictions, such as Kosher and Halal.

Whether you’re creating gummy and chewy confections, jelly beans, fruit leathers, caramels, fondants, pastes or desserts with liquid fillings, our food scientists offer extensive experience and market success in developing innovative products that meet ingredient, processing, texture and other critical functional requirements.