When it comes to salad dressings – details matter and we know it.

Thanks to our innovation, salad dressing manufacturers can take advantage of a line of nature-based ingredients. From spoonable and pourable dressings, to recipes that creates an amazing product, we offer raw material choice and manufacturing expertise to provide optimal flavor, function and sensory appeal to any salad dressing application. So – go ahead! Add texture, stabilize, suspend seasonings, create an emulsion, and replace fat-like mouthfeel – we can do it all.



NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber

  • Supports dietary fiber intake
  • Enables smooth and squeezable texture
  • Supports great stability and syneresis control
  • Amylase resistant in fresh vegetable salads (will not liquefy)
  • Supports reduced-fat and sugar formulations

Looking for innovation to develop condiment products that offer bold flavors, pleasant mouthfeel, shelf stability and/or specific label claims?

Look no further! We continue to revolutionize the stabilization, suspension and mouthfeel properties of dressings, sauces and marinades – from spoonable and pourable, to dry mix. We also offer specifically developed products that support clean label claims for full fat, low-fat, full sugar and low-sugar dressing formulations.

Our technical team works closely with each customer to define and develop solutions that meet unique needs to stand out in this crowded food category. That collaboration coupled with years of manufacturing process and application expertise makes us the preferred development partner.