At home or in institutions, the swallowing disorder known as dysphagia is a growing concern among caregivers and medical professionals. Typically seen in older adults suffering from neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, or those suffering from cancer-related radiation treatments, dysphagia requires nutritional solutions that emphasize safety and fast hydration while minimizing pain, disruption, and discomfort.

We offer ingredient choices and years of industry knowledge in developing palatable, colorful, nutrient-enriched foods that address the specific requirements of dysphagia-related formulas, such as clean flavor, no off-taste, stickiness or flavor masking.

We understand the primary methods of formulation while staying ahead of the curve in evolving trends, such as snacking and finger foods for lighter dysphagia patients to ensure sufferers are properly and adequately treated.

Clinical nutrition product manufacturers transforms millions of lives every day through quality formulas that address serious medical conditions, food allergies, as well as rare genetic and metabolic disorders.

We excel at working closely with our clinical nutrition customers to develop flavorful and highly functional products that sustain diets and maintain nutrition. Through our vast, nature-based ingredient choices and extensive industry expertise, we serve both global and specialized manufacturers of products targeted for a wide range of clinical nutrition applications ranging from infant to neurological disorders and cancers to improve digestive health.