“Free from” is a major trend and many consumers want to cut things like gluten from their diets. But gluten is the most important protein group in baked goods and it comprises about 80% of the total protein in flour. When flour containing gluten is mixed with water the protein hydrates, forming a continuous network of fibers. This provides the dough with the strength and elasticity it needs to withstand cooking. That sounds like a lot of responsibility.

So, what happens when you stop using those gluten-laden flours? You get dense, flat, and unappealing baked goods. That’s where we come in.

KELTROL® Advanced Performance Xanthan Gum brings back these key missing properties in gluten-free products. So, put some fluff and structure back in your dough and consumers can enjoy gluten-free baked goods without sacrificing pleasure.



NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber

  • Supports dietary fiber intake
  • Supports soft texture with neutral taste
  • Supports development of dough
  • Maintains freshness over shelf-life
  • Increases yield due to high water-binding

There are many aspects to consider in developing a quality bakery product. Things that most don’t even think about: appearance, shelf life, smoother and light batter texture, as well as improved volume during batching and baking – just to name a few. And we know you may be facing a lot of other formulation challenges.

After several decades of experience, our experts have seen a lot and can help you choose amongst a variety of modifiers, stabilizers and texturizers to make innovative and high-performance products. From fluffy gluten free blueberry muffins to low carb bread – your next big bakery product is within reach. Heat up the oven and we can help get you there.