Paper and board wet end is a complex system with multiple components and process variables. CP Kelco offers specifically designed CALEXIS grades, and global technical capabilities and expertise to help manufacturers develop quality products featuring a variety of furnishes, variable levels of mineral fillers and a range of finishing processes.

The increased strength allows cost optimizations like replacing fibers by cheaper fillers or fibers. Furthermore, CALEXIS® CMC supports the retention of cationic chemicals (i.e. cationic starch, wet strength resins) which leads to higher strength levels and to optimized use of the chemicals. Finally Calexis products balance charge levels allowing for optimized overall retention leading to improved runnability.

In addition to product quality requirements, the paper and board industry faces changing demands from the consumer sector for recyclability and other end-of-life considerations.

These new requirements are placing more importance on continuous technology innovation.

CP Kelco offers superior product choices designed specifically to deliver even surface structure and good printability in a wide variety of conventional coating and sizing formulations, along with extensive technical capabilities to improve manufacturing efficiency and to help meet consumer demands.
In barrier applications, the bio-based and biodegradable products provide the good processability and required barrier properties, such as oil and grease barrier.

Excellent runnability, overall efficiency and reliable and consistent product quality, coupled with an overarching need for cost savings remain the universal key drivers for successful paper and board manufacturing. From the wet end, through coating, finishing and winding, these parameters drive papermaker development decisions around the globe.

CP Kelco knows paper. We offer a broad portfolio of nature-based ingredients, including superior, well-known brands specially developed for the paper and paperboard industry to meet specific machine configuration, market preferences and economic demands. Our solutions are among the most widely used in the world. Unlock opportunity by working with our experts to optimize your products’ functionality and performance.