What if...

You could have confidence that your hydrocolloid supplier is as concerned about sustainability as you are?

YOU CAN! By Visiting CP Kelco Cares, the new website dedicated to our company’s sustainability initiatives.

At CP Kelco our mission is to continuously improve our company through service and knowledge, as we strive to be the world’s preferred hydrocolloids solutions provider. We have a vested interest in the welfare of those who inhabit the communities where we operate and the markets we serve. All of our locations – from manufacturing facilities to sales offices – are focused on operating a safe and happy workplace, minimizing environmental impact and providing superior customer service. Our CP Kelco Cares Sustainability Platform is based on four significant areas: Ethics, Quality, Safety and Environmental Responsibility. We believe that by operating business through executing these four fundamental business practices, we can achieve a preferred status from the customers we serve and create a better future for all.