A New, Nature-Based Stabilizer for Dairy Desserts, Offering A Clean Label Without Compromise

GENU® Explorer Pectin ND-200 is an ideal gelling agent for formulators seeking consumer-friendly ingredients for indulgent dairy desserts, such as panna cotta, crème desserts and more. Derived from citrus fruit, this solution delivers an indulgent creamy, full-bodied, mouthfeel similar to carrageenan in crème desserts and to gelatin in panna cotta.

GENU Explorer Pectin ND-200 meets the needs of formulators who are looking to take advantage of the clean label trend in the neutral dairy desserts category as well as dairy-alternative products, answering consumer demand for premium, indulgent desserts.

Vanilla pudding


  • Pectin is a widely accepted, recognizable ingredient among consumers globally.
  • GENU Explorer Pectin ND-200 is a high-performance, nature-based solution. It delivers greater mouthfeel and creaminess with the ability to form gels in hot and cold filled desserts using the same traditional process.
  • GENU Explorer Pectin products are extracted from citrus fruit peels, utilizing CP Kelco’s proprietary technology. The result is a reliable, easy-to-handle solution that does not require pre-hydration.
  • CP Kelco builds in sustainability considerations in its pectin manufacturing process, ensuring that the citrus peel raw material utilized does not go to waste and instead later becomes animal feed or serves as biofuel.

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