Our drive to improve today for a better tomorrow goes beyond our products. As part of J.M. Huber’s family of solutions, CP Kelco’s approach to sustainability encompasses the health, safety and well-being of our employees, support for philanthropic causes, and responsible stewardship of the environment, all while maintaining our economic performance. The Huber Principle of Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Sustainability is the driver behind our Sustainability Strategy, which considers the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) dimensions of People, Planet & Profit in how we operate.

CP Kelco’s Triple Bottom Line approach supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through direct alignment to four of those goals and positively impacts many others. Learn more about how our sustainability strategy supports and aligns with the UNSDG’s.

Products on Purpose

When you see this icon on our website, it means we have a great sustainability story to tell. Consumers want products that are “good for you” and “good for the planet” too. That starts with our nature-based ingredients – uniquely multifunctional to solve customer needs and exceed consumer demands, yet always sourced with sustainability in mind and produced with a process that leaves the earth better than how we found it.


The following are CP Kelco’s Sustainability Strategy Objectives for 2018 – 2022:



Be an admired company and an excellent place to work.

  • Sustain a top decile ranking for safety culture
  • Attain a goal of Zero High Energy Occupational and Process Safety Incidents
  • Achieve employee engagement score at or above Global High Performance Companies Norm*



Operate in a way that minimizes our environmental footprint.

  • Reduce energy and water use intensity and CO2 emissions by a minimum of 10%
  • Increase alternative energy to >30% of our energy use portfolio
  • Achieve a Zero waste to landfill objective at 90% of plant sites
  • Conduct sustainability assessments for all new major capital projects and new products
  • Assess sustainability performance for 100% of Top Tier Supply Chain partners



Deliver customer value and corporate financial strength.

  • Deploy >50% of Capital spending to projects with Triple Bottom Line benefits
  • Innovate to sustain 12%+ of total revenue from new products
  • Deliver Total Shareholder Return that exceeds the S&P 400 (Industrials), with steady reliable dividends
  • Invest 1% of our operating net income in philanthropy and community volunteerism through the Huber Helps initiative

*Based on Willis Towers Watson’s Benchmark

A Closer Look: Our Sustainable GENU® Pectin

From fruit tree to fertilizer, join us for a fun and full-circle look at the making of GENU® Pectin. View our behind-the-scenes video exploring our patented peel process and waste diversion efforts in making pectin in the video above.