CP Kelco receives ECOCERT® validation on products marketed to the Personal Care and Cosmetic Industries

Atlanta, GA, December 1, 2009 — CP Kelco is pleased to announce that it has received ECOCERT® validation across its portfolio offering to the personal care and cosmetic industries. Addressing consumer demand, CP Kelco has received validation on 21 products which are tailored to the requirements of these market segments. Bruce Hein, Positioning Manager, Marketing – EMEA, said that “This validation enhances our product offering to our customers, who require independent certification for organic labeled products.” CP Kelco’s ECOCERTchecked raw materials includes AxCel® CG microfibrous cellulose, CEKOL® cellulose gum, GENU® pectin, GENUGEL® carrageenan, GENUVISCO® carrageenan, KELTROL® CG xanthan gum and KELCOGEL® CG gellan gum product families.

A major trend within the personal care and cosmetic industries is to move away from synthetic thickeners and formulate with either plant based or nature-based viscosifiers. Hein adds that “by having ECOCERT validation, combined with our application expertise in formulating with nature-based polymers, helps fulfill this market trend and enables our customers to formulate organic or nature-based certified products; we’re really excited about the
possibilities this opens up.”

ECOCERT® is the leading European authority on organic certification, and the standard used by prestige organic brands.

Interested parties can receive a copy of the CP Kelco ECOCERT letter by direct company contact. Alternatively, the status of these raw materials is listed on the ECOCERT website at http://www.ecocert.com/ecoproduits


CP Kelco is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of specialty hydrocolloids, with facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Owned by J.M. Huber Corporation, CP Kelco’s product lines include pectin, xanthan gum, carrageenan, cellulose gum, locust bean gum, gellan gum, microparticulated whey protein concentrate and other novel biopolymers, marketed under brand names including AxCel®, CEKOL®, GENU®, GENUGEL®, GENU® pHresh™ Pectin, GENUVISCO®, GENULACTA®, KELTROL®, KELCOGEL®, SLENDID®, SIMPLESSE®.

See the PDF of the press release here.