CP Kelco Launches New Website Targeted to the Beauty and Personal Care Industry

Atlanta, Georgia, USA, September 30, 2011 – CP Kelco has launched its new website tailored specifically to the Beauty and Personal Care Industry: www.RheologyNatureMade.com. The new website highlights that CP Kelco’s products originate in nature and provide rheological properties personal care products require such as texture development, viscosifying and gelling.

Mintel’s GNPD Category Insight for Body, Hand & Foot Care (January-July 2011) projects “…continuing interest in gentler and purer formulations, concerns about chemical ingredients such as parabens and a perception that nature-based and organic personal care products are healthier than traditional counterparts.” Jane Schulenburg, Global Marketing Director, echoes this: “The CP Kelco product offering is perfect to help formulators capitalize on this trend. The RheologyNatureMade website is
designed to be a tool to assist customers in formulating to satisfy this ‘nature-Based’ consumer driver.”

The new website exemplifies CP Kelco’s focus on the Personal Care Industry and provides users with up-to-date formulations and other useful industry insights. The website features an interactive formulary, quarterly updates which with highlight current trends or CP Kelco innovations, an “ask the expert” section and much more.

To visit CP Kelco’s new website please go to: www.RheologyNatureMade.com


CP Kelco is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of specialty hydrocolloids, with facilities in Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America. Owned by J.M. Huber Corporation, CP Kelco’s product lines include pectin, xanthan gum, carrageenan, cellulose gum, gellan gum, diutan gum, and other novel biopolymers, marketed under brand names including GENU®, GENUGEL®, GENUTINE®GENUVISCO®, GENULACTA®, SLENDID®, KELCOGEL®,KELTROL®FINNFIX®,CEKOL®, SIMPLESSE®

See the PDF of the press release here.